[conspire] Re: I'd like to do an install.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jun 3 12:04:29 PDT 2004

Quoting Laurence Miotto (ldmiotto at sbcglobal.net):

> I'd like to install Linux on my laptop, but after several road-blocks, 
> I've decided to seek help.

Hi, Laurence.  I'm writing back even though I'm short on time this
morning.  Apologies if this seems rushed, but it is indeed rushed.  ;->

(Also, I hope you don't mind my Ccing the mailing list.)

> First a little bit about me: I am a high-school student who lives in 
> Menlo Park. 

Ah, probably pretty close to our house, where CABAL meets.  We're in
west Menlo Park, just off Alameda de las Pulgas. 


> Now about my equipment: Macs. Lots of macs. And they all have trouble 
> with linux. But what I really want to put Linux on is my iBook. I have 
> installed it before, but X windows never quite works. While Mac OS X, 
> and all of its unixy goodness, works for me, I'd like to get more 
> versed in the ways of Linux.
> Am I eligible? I have the PPC versions of Mandrake and Yellow Dog, and 
> I intend to get Fedora PPC.

Naturally, you're eligible.  There are several people who attend our
meetings who have experience with Linux on Macs.  We typically have at
least one PPC distribution around, but aren't always up to date -- which
is, as you can imagine, often important.  So, if you can bring
installation media, that would be helpful.  Alternatively, with
sufficient advance notice, I can download CD images and burn them prior
to a meeting.

Please note:  I found out just two days ago that I'll need to be at a
conflicting event on what would otherwise be the next CABAL meeting
date, Saturday, June 12.  So, that meeting has been cancelled, and is so
noted on the CABAL Web page.  The next meeting after that will be
Saturday, June 26 -- unless there's significant demand expressed on the
mailing list for a Sunday meeting (e.g., Sunday, June 13).

Cheers,                                Before enlightenment, caffeine.
Rick Moen                              After enlightenment, caffeine.
rick at linuxmafia.com

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