[conspire] Call for volunteers: Linux Summer Picnic, 8/07, Sunnyvale

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 25 17:41:45 PDT 2004

On Sunday 25 July 2004 18:15, Rick Moen wrote:

Hi Folks,

> If you've looked at the CABAL or BALE pages, you might have
> noticed the upcoming Linux Picnic, Saturday, Aug. 7, 11-4, at
> Baylands Park in Sunnyvale.  This is annual tradition started on
> Linux's 10th birthday, in Aug. 2001.
> The picnic is in urgent need of volunteers!  

I'll volunteer to film it and try to include it in my documentary 
film, The Digital Tipping Point: The Culture of Freedom in 
Cyberspace.     ;-)

Seriously, if people don't mind, I would like to arrive there with 
my cameraman and the director of DTP, Paul Donahue.  We basically 
would like to use this picnic as an opportunity to film folks 
talking about why they like GNU/Linux, what changes FLOSS will have 
on the world, why they contribute code, stuff like that.  Think of 
it as an update to Revolution OS and The Code movies.  

A little bit about my background:  I was introduced to FLOSS by 
Holden Aust, who then introduced me to Josh Berkus and a bunch of 
other people in the FLOSS community.  Holden and Josh helped me get 
up and running on SuSE Pro, and I love it, and I love the community 
spirit.  So, as a way of thanking Holden and Josh and all the other 
hackers who have contributed to the stuff which a GUI-dependent 
simple end user like myself gets to use for a very low cost, I 
decided to make this movie with award-winning documentary directory 
Paul Donahue. 

So if you are interested in participating, and don't mind being 
filmed, please come prepared with stories about what you like about 
FLOSS, the cool things you've seen it do, and how it is going to 
help humanity learn how good it is to share.  

I have attached an OOo document summarizing our film, if you'd like 
more info.  


Christian Einfeldt
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