[conspire] MAC address filtering with 2.4.14 ????

Gopal Chandavarapu Gopal.Chandavarapu at rtc.bosch.com
Thu Jan 15 10:19:52 PST 2004


A specific hardware and its cross compiler need 2.4.14 version of the 
linux kernel. I have to do MAC filtering on the local intranet for these 
devices, so with some help I came to know that


does MAC filtering. -----------   Good till now.

Problem : The problem is ebtables works only with linux kernel 2.4.22/23 
and version 2.6.x not with the kernel version 2.4.14 that I want.

So --

Question 1: Is there any other module like ebtables which does MAC 
filtering and works with 2.4.14 kernel.

Question 2: The MAC filter module should be capable of filtering the 
packets at run time.
That means that the filter should be able to ACCEPT all packets from MAC 
address A for some time and upon users request at run time, it should be 
able to take a new MAC address B and ACCEPT only from B and DROP/ACCEPT 
packets from A.

Please let me know.


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