[conspire] Broadcom NetExtreme BCM5705 ethernet driver, Help!

Bill Stoye skiffworks at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 29 09:19:51 PST 2004


I put together a new "Linux Box", it is plagued with two problems and I'm seeking help.

The first; I've not been able to install the driver and get the Broadcom Ethernet running.
The second problem; two hard drives, one is an IDE drive and the other is a Serial-ATA drive, the S-ATA drive does not get recognized.

I would like to approach them one at a time, getting the Ethernet going first, unless the S-ATA HDD not being recognized is a quick fix.

Hardware list:
CPU: AMD  Athlon  XP 3200,  "BARTON", 400MHz FSB, 512K Cache  
	    [on-board: Broadcom NetExtreme BCM5705 ethernet]
RAM: 2x Crucial; 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200
HDD1: Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA
HDD2: Western Digital 80GB JB IDE
Video Card:  Asylum GeForce FX5200 256MB
DVD±RW / CD-RW :  Micro Advantage; Superdrive
Box:  Antec, Super LanBoy, Aluminum Mid-Tower Case.
Power Supply: Antec SL400, "Smart Power", 400W.
CPU Fan: Vantec VA4C7040 Aeroflow Heatsink.

All this is overkill, it's about having some fun and learning.

I've had help with this but I seem to have reached a wall with the "Broadcom NetExtreme BCM5705 ethernet".

Running Libranet 2.8.1:
Downloaded and copied "kernel-headers-2.4.21-5_2.4.21-5_i386.deb" into /tmp directory.
Ran: # "dpkg -i kernel-headers-2.4.21-5_2.4.21-5_i386.deb"
Ran: # "find / -name "modversions.h"
Did: $ "mkdir /home/bill/broadcom"
Downloaded and copied driver:"bcm5700-7.1.22.tar.gz" into broadcom directory.
In the broadcom dir, ran: $ "unzip linux-7.1.22.zip"
This made directory, /home/bill/broadcom/linux.
In the /linux dir.: $ "tar xvzf bcm5700-7.1.22.tar.gz"
Then: $ "cd /home/bill/broadcom/linux/bcm5700-7.1.22/src"
As root: # "make"
Makefile:46: *** Liunux kernel source tree not found. Stop.

I don't have any idea what my next step should be; please let me know if I've left out helpful information. I'm not a raw recruit(newbie) but I haven't gotten out of boot camp yet!

Thanks for your help and thoughts;

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