[conspire] used SPARCs for sale anywhere?

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Mon Dec 6 10:17:29 PST 2004

Good People,

Does anyone have or know of any used SPARCs for sale? I'd like to pick
up a second-hand SPARC, even if it's down in the 500MHz/1024MB RAM
neighborhood. Among other things, I'd like to try out the new SunOS 5.10
(Solaris 10) for SPARC, which is now free.

This week's trivia:
Q: What does "NT" in "Windows 2000: Based on NT Technology" stand for?
A: From <http://www.sciencedaily.com/encyclopedia/microsoft_windows_nt>:
   Gur bevtva naq zrnavat bs gur AG anzr ner qvfchgrq. Vg vf cbchyneyl
   oryvrirq gung yrnq qrirybcre Qnir Phgyre, vagraqrq gur vavgvnyvfz
   "JAG" nf n cha ba IZF, vaperzragvat rnpu yrggre ol bar; juvyr guvf
   jbhyq unir fhvgrq Phgyre'f uhzbe, gur cebwrpg'f rneyvre anzr bs "AG
   BF/2" oryvrf guvf gurbel. Nabgure rneyl Jvaqbjf AG ratvarre, Znex
   Yhpbifxl, fgngrf gung gur anzr jnf gnxra sebz gur Vagry v860 cebprf-
   fbe--pbqr-anzrq "A-Gra"--gung freirq nf gur bevtvany gnetrg uneqjner.
   Inevbhf Zvpebfbsg choyvpngvbaf rkcnaq AG gb "Arj Grpuabybtl", ohg bs-
   svpvnyyl gur yrggref fgnaq sbe abguvat. Zvpebfbsg vf ehzberq gb unir
   eranzrq Jvaqbjf AG 5.0 gb Jvaqbjf 2000 nsgre n pbasvqragvny nterrzrag
   jvgu Abegurea Gryrpbz (Abegry), jub bjaf n genqrznex ba gur anzr
   "AG". Vg vf nyfb cbffvoyr gung AG fgbbq sbe argjbex, n srngher va
   Jvaqbjf AG.

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