[conspire] For tomorrow's CABAL meeting

Bill Lazar bill at billsaysthis.com
Fri Apr 23 17:51:00 PDT 2004

Just curious, but why are these distros of interest to you and what do you
mean by try out at the meeting? 

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I've downloaded a few goodies I'd like to try out:

MandrakeLinux 1.0 Community, i586 (3 CDs).  This is one of the most popular
   "desktop" distributions, providing a 2.6.3 kernel, automated printer
   setup, NTFS resizing, etc.  Note that this is NOT the 10.0 Official 
   CD set (4 CDs), which just came out and is hard to find.  (Official
   is Community plus bugfixes and some extra goodies.)

Kanotix "Bug Hunter" 04/2004 release (1 CD).  This is a live CD based 
   on Knoppix, but with an advanced kernel, i586 optimisation, KDE
   3.2.2, OpenOffice.org 1.1.1, Captive NTFS 1.1.5 (uses NT's own DLLs
   for _full_ read/write NTFS access), and so on.  Like Knoppix, it can 
   optionally be installed to one's hard drive.  It's based closely on 
   Debian "unstable", and so is a bit more cutting-edge than Knoppix.

MEPIS Oct. 2003 edition (2 CDs).  A fully loaded desktop distribution
   based on Knoppix.  Again, there's an option to install to HD.  
   Extremely polished -- said to rival Xandros 2.0 in that department.  
   KDE-based, with icewm as an alternative.  (A 2004-04-05 beta on 
   one CD is also available.)

   The lead developer says that in the future there will be two
   editions, ProMEPIS, a leading-edge version for enthusiasts, and 
   SimplyMEPIS for home/SOHO/office users.

I'm just about to burn a copy of MandrakeLinux.  The other two I may or may
not burn to CD right away (unless someone speaks up and says "I want to try

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