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Fri Sep 12 12:38:43 PDT 2003

Santa Clara Adult Education has many "High Tech" (professional level) classes including Linux, Software Programming, Software Testing, and Networking.

The "Programming in Java" and "U N I X (Linux and Sun Solaris)" may be of interest to Linux users.

Both classes meet tomorrow (Saturday. Sept. 13, 2003) in the morning (9:30 - 12:30 AM) in different locations (Java in Sunnyvale, Linux in Santa Clara).  Each class meets twice a week the other day being Thursday (Java) or Wednesday (Linux) in the evening (7:00 - 10:00 PM).  Cost is $295 per class and classes consist of the 20 - 3 hour class sessions.  I believe there is a "LAYOFF PROMOTION", a $100 discount (so, "reduced price" is $195 per class),  for the unemployed/laid off person, but please call and confirm that this is correct and still in effect.  For specific details and maps, see the web site at www.scae.org.

I have observed that some people have attend their first class without registering and suggest that you come to Saturdays class even if you are not or can not register before Saturday.

The "Unix" class is primary taught using Red Hat Linux (on student workstations), so primarily a Linux class.  I believe they have only one machine licensed to run Solaris and there is some discussion of how things are done differently for Solaris.

My reasons for posting this: I am a Linux user, have attended some of the Cabal meetings, and am on the conspire at linuxmafia.com mailing list.  I thought this might be of interest to others on the mailing list.  I am a student signed up for the Java class and attendance for the first class was poor.  The SCAE administrators asked us to recruit more students to the class.

Below are some phone numbers and a class a list that I have copied off of a flier.  About four classes were canceled or combined with other classes, so there are some class and schedule changes from what may be listed below and on their web site.  The Java class is, as scheduled, meeting on Saturday morning, 9:30 AM,  and Thursday evening. 7:00 PM at Patrick Henry School, 1095 Dunford, Room E2, Sunnyvale.

- Richard Young

---- as copied form a flyer ---

LAYOFF PROMOTION! Bring in documentation proving you’ve been laid off, and 
register for High Tech class at a reduced price! 

Registration Starts:
August 14 – Mail, Fax, Internet, Walk-in (for High Tech Students) 
Phone:  408-423-3555,  Fax:  408-423-3580 
For more information call Rita Schwartz  408-423-3523 or Lyuba Iserlis  408-423-3563

Website: www.scae.org

Classes start September 8, 2003

Introduction to Information Technology (IT)
Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification
· C/C++ Using Visual C++ .NET 
·    C++ Advanced Course, Data Structures and Algorithms 
· Perl and JavaScript
· Java
· .NET using Visual Basic.NET, C# 
· XML - The Universal Data Exchange Language 
Oracle Database
· Fundamentals
· Database Administration
Software QA & Testing
· BioTech/Medical Device S/W Verification & Validation (V & V) 
· Software Quality  & Manual Testing
· Automated testing:  
- SilkTest 
- SilkTest - Advanced Course
- WinRunner - Introduction Course
- WinRunner - Advanced Course
- LoadRunner 
- Astra tools
- TestDirector
Operating systems
· Windows 2000 Server 
· UNIX (Linux and Sun Solaris) 
· A+ Certification Preparation Course – Technical Support
· Network + Certification Preparation – Network Administrator Training 
· Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA - Part I, II, III, IV)

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