[conspire] Knoppix-v3.3 flickers

Bill Stoye skiffworks at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 6 05:51:55 PDT 2003

I've been using Knoppix 3.1 & 3.2 on the fly for awhile without any
problems; I downloaded and burned the recent 3.3 version, booted into it
andfind the Window does not fill the screen, it has about a one inch
border and the screen constantly flickers. I gave the CD to a friend
along with the 3.2 version, to expose him to Linux, both CDs work fine
in his PC.

Could the problem be the speed of my processor or DVD-ROM?  The
processor is 450mhz,the DVD-ROM is 8x and it has 765mb RAM. Any

Thank you, 

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