[conspire] Long time, no 'Fest

Roger Chrisman rogerhc at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 5 18:53:48 PST 2003

> If there's anyone on this list who actually gets the Robert Austin
> emails, could you please check that for us.
> Thanks,
> Mike Higashi

I forwarded Mike the November 5, 2003 Robert Austin Cow Pallace HTML monster 
email. Don't know if the addy was updated or not because I don't read HTML 
email but Mike can sick grep on it.

I wish Robert would use email for what it is good for, plain text, and leave 
HTML on his web server.


Fest Question:

Installing with Soft RAID --

If I bring my computer, three hard discs and my SuSE 9 CD set to the show, 
would someone be able and willing to help me create Soft RAID SuSE 
installation? (I have a PCI card Promise ATA Drive Controller plugged into my 
main board so that I can, and hope to, have the two drives that will complise 
the md0 RAID disk each on its own controller. The third drive I hope to use 
as a normal third drive for back up purposes.)



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