[conspire] CABAL meeting today, upcoming installfest

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat May 10 17:26:34 PDT 2003

This message is partially in the nature of a test, since I finally
upgraded Mailman (the mailing list software) to the new 2.1 series,
which has _lots_ of neat new features.  Among them is that you guys can
choose whether or not to get monthly password reminders, individually.
It's on your subscription option pages.

Today is a CABAL meeting day -- the meeting will be ongoing to maybe 
11 PM or so -- but it happens to also be the _only_ CABAL meeting we're
going to have in May.  Why?  Because a lot of us will be at the Bay
Area's annual science fiction convention, BayCon, over the Memorial Day
weekend.  So, no 4th Saturday meeting this month.

The following month, June, we'll return to the regular two-meeting bit, 
plus We will be having an installfest at the Oakland Convention Center on
June 28.

Cheers,                    I've been suffering death by PowerPoint, recently.
Rick Moen                                                     -- Huw Davies
rick at linuxmafia.com  

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