[conspire] Saturday's InstallFest

Mike Higashi mhigashi at imat.com
Wed Mar 5 18:45:06 PST 2003

Rick previously announced on this list that we'll have an InstallFest
this coming Saturday, March 8th, as part of the Robert Austin Computer
Show which will be held at the Oakland Convention Center. This is a
reminder for y'all to come and hang out, and help whoever drops by to
get comfortable with Linux.

In the past, we've relied on Duncan to contact the Robert Austin folks
so that they'll have booth space reserved for us. What's happened the
past several InstallFests is that when I get there to check in and set 
up, they have no knowledge of us being there, and scramble to find
somewhere to put us. So today I called the Robert Austin office (the
number is 1-800-346-0100, if you're interested) to make sure that we'll 
have some space -- and got a good chewing out for calling too late to
put an announcement of the InstallFest into their email ticket.

I can't really blame them for doing that, one of us should have called 
last week. We'll have to work something out to make sure that somebody
calls them about 10 days before we want to have an InstallFest.

They did say they would go ahead and give us a four-booth island for 
this show. They'll be in the usual, larger exhibit hall at the Oakland 
Convention Center.

By the way, Rick:  This InstallFest is listed on the CABAL site, but not
on BALE.

Mike Higashi

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