[conspire] Re: 19% Of Small- And Medium-Sized

Jose Sanchez jose_sanchez79 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 13:21:54 PDT 2003

It's not that most businesses are not willing to put
linux on their desktop over Windows. If Dell would
announce tommorow "Linux Desktops with monitor and
printer $299"  on national tv, that 19% would double.
Dell tried selling linux desktops two years ago but
failed (maybe it was bad timing)or linux was getting
more recognition in the server spectrum.
 I guess now their come back is in the linux
workstations (servers of course). Now the last thing a
small business wants to worry about is tech support,
the sb is likely to want to spend that time on trying
to grow their biz. If a big desktop player like Dell
will guarantee low prices on PCs/support contracts,
then the employer doesn't care if they are paying an
extra $99/199 for just Windows. Cash and good
marketing get the job done because most of the
consumers don't know much about performance details.
Example: Intel with MHz over AMD more MHz means faster
computations etc; eventhough the 970 will kick any
pentiums @$$. Microsoft and Dell have relationship
that is destroying the competition in this country.
Doesn't mean I won't be getting my new dual G5 system

Just my 0.02,


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