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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 10:06:59 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Help Fix Computers for Indymedia Argentina in Berkeley

Help build computers for Indymedia Argentina. We are working
on putting together a shipment of a couple hundred computers
to support their work. This is a follow-up to a shipment of
235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center
in November.

The Argentina indymedia center is the nexus of communication
for the popular movement against neo-liberalism and the IMF.
Their website gets over 25,000 page views a day. Yet they
only have two computers. This shipment will help indymedia
centers in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina as well as
other near by IMC's in Chile, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, and
Uruguay. They will also be used to support other social
movement groups who are on the forefront of the struggle for
a better world.

We hope to change the situation. We'll be refurbishing
donated used computers for the next two weeks. We need your
help. No technical knowledge necessary. We an teach you
everything you need to know. But if you happen to be a Linux
geek we definitely have things to do for you too. We are
installing Spanish language Debian GNU/Linux on the boxes.

We will be working ACCRC's NEW warehouse in Berkeley. We
will be here 24 hours a day from now through the 12th of
January. The weekends of the 4th & 5th, and 11th & 12th we
will be doing big install fests. Please stop by for an hour
or an evening to help out. This is a huge job and we need
more volunteers.

Want to know more? Read the Salon article which was written
about our first shipment to indymedia Ecuador:


Project website:


If you have any questions or planning on coming to help out,
please either email imc-tech-solidarity at indymedia.org, come
on to irc.indymedia.org in the #boxes channel, or give us a
call. (Our phone number through the 5th is 541-941-8903,
after the 5th we'll have another number.)

We are working out of the new ACCRC warehouse in Berkeley.

1501 Eastshore Hwy
Berkeley, CA 94710-1702

Map: http://tinyurl.com/3zvy


	To get to the warehouse via public transportation you can either
	walk from North Berkeley bart or take the bus and walk. If you
	need it, you can call us from bart and we'll and drive over to
	pick you up. It's on the corner of Eastshore Hwy and Jones St.
	Jones half way between Gilman & University. To drive just get
	off at either of those two exits and take Eastshore to Jones St.


	Walk from the North Berkeley BART station which is 1.6 miles to
	the warehouse: Directions from North Berkeley Bart:


	Another option is to take BART to El Cerrito Plaza where you can
	get on AC Transit Bus 72 to San Pablo & Gilman. From there it is
	a short walk to the warehouse. Directions for Bus:

More Information:

ACCRC is Alameda County Computer Resource Center,
http://www.accrc.org, who are providing a lot of support for
this project in terms of the computers and warehouse space.

FreeGeek, http://www.freeegeek.org, is a similar group to
ACCRC where indymedia Portland people are preparing 80
computers for the shipment to Argentina. They are also
looking for help on this project.


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