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Revolution OS screening in San Jose in August!!!

pr at lugod.org

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Thank you again for helping out on getting REVOLUTION OS booked into a
movie theater in the Bay Area.  The press screening will be free and
open to the public.  So feel free to notify whoever you wish.  The press
screening is at 10 AM on Wednesday, August 14, at the Camera 3 Cinemas
at 288 South Second Street (corner of 2nd and San Carlos) in downtown
San Jose.

REVOLUTION OS will open on August 23 at one of Camera Cinemas theatres. 
For more information check the Camera Cinemas website:

I know SVLUG already has its August and September meetings scheduled,
but you might want to consider a SVLUG night at the movies to see
REVOLUTION OS.  The Austin LUGs did this, and it was a great success.

I hope we cross paths at LinuxWorld.  I would be interested in hearing
your thoughts on the current state of Linux and the Open Source
movement.  I get asked about that frequently, but I only have an
outsider's perspective.

Thanks again for the help.


J.T.S. Moore

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