[conspire] Soundconfig:

Bill Stoye skiffworks at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 1 07:00:40 PST 2002

Hi Rick: 
I got and ran 'sndconfig' as you suggested, it finished
without any errors but I must still be missing/not understanding
something; during shutdown a message scrolls up saying: Starting ALSA
sound driver (version none): modprobe: can't locate module snd failed. 

When I retry  sndconfig I get the following:

                 ERROR: No Sound Modules found 
                                                                                   	   You don't seem to be running a kernel with modular       
           sound enabled. (soundcore.o was not found in the         
           module search path).                                     
           To use sndconfig, you must be running a kernel with      
           modular sound, such as the kernel shipped with Red Hat   
           Linux or a 2.2 or greater kernel. 

Looked up the following:
skiffworks:/home/bill# uname -r

also did this:
skiffworks:/usr/src#  dpkg -l kernel-image-2.2.20-idepci 
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err:
||/ Name           Version        Description 
un  kernel-image-2 <none>         (no description available)

I have been trying since July 28th., when I first installed Debian to
get sound running; It seems a long way off but I think I would like to
bring my PC to the meeting the 2nd weekend of December and elicit your
help if I may. I've become quite discouraged over this, I would like to
move on to other things, there's much to do and learn but I'm bogged
Nor can I remember how you did the sound test on your lap top, I
neglected to note it down.

Thanks for any help/advice that may come my way.

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