[conspire] (forw) REVOLUTION OS held over, new showtimes

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 28 21:29:22 PDT 2002

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Subject: REVOLUTION OS held over, new showtimes


Thank you for notifying BALE about REVOLUTION OS, and for attending
Sunday's show.  As it turns out, REVOLUTION OS was the number one
grossing film at the Towne 3 Theatre this weekend.  So Camera Cinemas is
extending the run of REVOLUTION OS for at least another week.

>From Friday, August 30, through Thursday, September 5, the new showtimes
at the Towne 3 will be:

5:30 PM and 9:35 PM.

For more info about the Towne 3 Theatre you can call (408) 287-1433.

The Yahoo map for the Towne 3 Theatre is:

If you could post this e-mail to BALE and CABAL, I would greatly
appreciate it.  In case anyone asks, the special edition DVD should be
available at the end of September.  

Thank you again for your help.


J.T.S. Moore

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