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I know you are a key conduit of info for BALE and CABAL.  I was
wondering if you could do me a big favor and help me pass along
information about the Silicon Valley opening of my documentary,
REVOLUTION OS.  I can't remember if you have actually seen the film, but
you are referenced in it and during an Installfest you are on screen a
couple of times.

Anyway, it has been a real challenge to get REVOLUTION OS booked into an
arthouse theatre in the Bay Area.  None of the theatre bookers believed
there was much of an audience for a film about Linux and Open Source.  I
hope they are wrong.  Luckily, after months and months of lobbying,
Camera Cinemas has agreed to play the film.  REVOLUTION OS will open
this Friday at Camera's Towne 3 Theatre in San Jose.

Below are the directions and showtimes for REVOLUTION OS:

REVOLUTION OS will open this Friday, August 23, at Camera Cinemas Towne
3 Theatre located at 1433 The Alameda in San Jose about a mile south of 880.
The showtimes are:
5:10 PM
7:15 PM
9:20 PM.  
On Saturday and Sunday there will be a matinee at 3:05 PM.  

If the film has a good opening weekend, Camera Cinemas said they will
keep playing it for another week.  For more info about the Towne 3
you can call (408) 287-1433.

The Yahoo map for the Towne 3 Theatre is:

I appreciate any help you can give me in notifying the Open Source
faithful.  In case anyone asks, the DVD should be available at the end
of September.

Thanks again.


J.T.S. Moore

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