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These are highly recommended.

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Subject: Mindsource BOF #43 Systems and Network Security in a Colocation Enviroment

        "Systems and Network Security in a Colocation Environment"

                              MindSource BOF #43 
                        Wednesday, February 21st, 2001
                               7PM until late

    In the 43rd of our Bird's of a Feather series MindSource is delighted
    to again present Marcos Della, of Cstone.  We hope to have a second
    contributor at this event as well.  Marcos will cover:
      * Stateful and Stateless network security in high
         traffic environment.

      * Systems security, basic tools and packages that every
         server should have.  And then some esoteric issues.

      * Using third party software to secure large networks 
         including tripwire, ssh, tcp wrappers, rsync, and
         more.  How to do this when integrating multiple machines
         in large server farms.  

THE NEXT BOF:  BoF 44  (wed 03/28) 
   More on security and networks - stay tuned    

BOF Particulars:
    Where: Michaels At Shoreline (restaurant near the golf course in SL park) 
    Addr:  2960 No. Shoreline Blvd., Mt View 650.962.1014
    Date:  Wednesday, February 21, 2001  
    Time:  6:00 Happy hour - no host bar 
           7:30 BOF Begins

    There will be an abundance of great food, and great people. This 
    is an opportunity to network, meet your peers, and bone up on some 
    essential leading-edge technical knowledge.

==> All about BOFs :
    MindSource organizes these semi-monthly 'Bird's of a Feather' get 
    togethers (That's "BOF") for Unix system admins and others interested 
    in Internet and Web related technologies, in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
    The events are FREE and open to the public. We do ask that you please 
    RSVP by sending mail to events at mindsource.com with rsvp as the subject...  
    [ so we know can provide an abundance of hors d'oevres ]  

==> MindSource Opportunities :
    We currently have a gong-load of openings,  both permanent 
    and contract, for Unix Systems Administrators, Network Engineers, 
    and Web Engineers throughout the Silicon Valley area.

    All of our permanent and contract opportunities are available on our web 
    pages, or by sending a blank email message to: jobs at mindsrc.com.  For
    instructions on our mailbot send email to info at mindsrc.com. 

==> More Info: Check out this page for more information, and a map 
   to the BOF site: http://www.mindsrc.com/bof.html

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    majordomo at mindsrc.com with the command "subscribe mindsource_bof" 
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==> Following please find a list of MindSource BOF's -- past and future  

    BOF #42 * Countering DOS and SynFlood attacts - Ross Oliver  

    BOF #41 * Mason / PHP and other ways of looking at prototyping
    web sites.  

    BOF #40 * Load Balancing Web Sites at ISO layer 2.5; 3; and a little
    bit of 4.  Marcos Della (Cstone); Scott Heyer of Hotmail, and Chad 
    Jenison of Resonate. 

    BOF #39 * An outline for designing large web infrastructures using
    two and three tier solutions.           

    BOF #38 * May 22 Even more perl than that 
    Randal Swartz (Stonehenge consulting)

    BOF #37 * Mar 22 Even more perl  
    JT McDuffie (PLX Technolgies) 

    BOF #36 * Feb 22 An Introduction to Perl Regular Expressions  
    Warren Belfer (sun); JT McDuffie (PLX Technolgies) 

    BOF #35 * Nov 99 Exploring the Cisco IOS - LIVE ROUTER LAB !  
    Scott Heyer (Microsoft); Ulf Zimmerman (Inktomi) Wedge Martin (MindSource)

    BOF #34 * Oct 99 Halloween Boooo(f)  Wild Wild WANS : Frame Delay  
    Bowen (Cheetah) Goletz 

    BOF #33 * How not to be SOL with SQL 
    Greg Junell (Cstone); Mike Hennahane (NetTempo) 
    BOF #32 * Web Server Performance tuning 
    Robert Harker (Harker Systems)  

    BOF #31 * Feb 99 Building IPfilters for secure networks  
    * Marcos Della (Cstone) , Eric Bataller (SolSoft)  

    BOF #30 * Nov 1998 * An Evening with Hal: "Perl Survival Skills"
    * Hal Pomeranz (Dear Run)  

    BOF #29 * Sept 1998 * Maintaining Back-end E-commerce sites 
    * K. Mig Hoffman and Steven Pierce (MindSource) 

    BOF #28 * July 1998 * URL Middleware
    * Hal Pomeranz, Glen Kosaka, Rob Riepel

    BOF #27 * March 1998 *  Intro to CGI / perl scripting  
    * Bill Ward, (MindSource)  

    BOF #26 * February 1998 * Wireless IP
    * Alan Saldich of Metricom   

    BOF #25 * Jan 1998 * Comparative Literature : Perl and TCL 
    * Randal Schwartz - Brent Welch 

    BOF #24 * Nov 1997 * NT administration for Unix Hacks   
    * Ben Jones,  Jim Truher of Open NT 

    BOF #23 * Sept 1997 * Going Postal, and SPAM 
    * Strata Rose, Robert Harker   

    BOF #22 * August 1997 * Java for CGI; JDBC; Java Media Framework  
    * Mark Chamness, Tim Freeman 

    BOF #21 * July 1997 * Reliable IP Multicast  
    * Brian Whetter  - Global Cast  

    BOF #20 * April 1997 * Perl CGI library 
    * Bill Ward (Silicon Graphics), Robert Boucher,  and JT McDuffie

    BOF #19 * Feb 1997 * Routing with OSPF and CIDR 
    * Mark Mellis (Silicon Graphics)  and Robert Harker

    BOF #18 * Nov 1996 * The Laws of Cyberspace 
    * Dan Appleman and Greg Raifman (atty's) 

    BOF #17 * Oct 1996 * Internet Plumbing - The Big Pipes 
    * Bill Manning (IANA)  and Carl Mueller (Best) 

    BOF #16 * Aug 1996 * 
    Evolving Intranets, and the integration of Company-Wide Resources
    * M. Strata Rose (Synopsys)

    BOF #15 * Jul 1996 * Free BSD, Apache Server, and SSL  
    * Jordan Hubbard (Walnut Creek Software), Matt Dillon, and Sameer Parekh

    BOF #14 * May 1996 * Privacy on the Internet - Cypherpunks !  
    * Hugh Daniel, Derek Atkins and Sameer Parekh 

    BOF #13 * Apr 1996 * Intro to Java and httpd Client-State Cookies 
    * Headley Williamson (JavaSoft) and M. Strata Rose 

    BOF #12 * Feb 1996 
    * Developing Web interfaces for Oracle, and Oracle Data Warehousing
    * Mike McGrath (Oracle Corporation)  and Tom Blalock (Northern Telecom)

    BOF #11 * Jan 1996 * The Internet and the Law 
    * Greg Raifman and Maureen Dorney (Grant Carey, et al) 

    BOF #10 * Nov 1995 * Intro to Shell Programming and Perl 
    * Dave Clark and Phil Cordier

    BOF #09 * Oct 1995 * WAIS - searching very large web space  
    * Johnny Goldman (Synopsys), Stu Soffer, and Andrew Duquete

    BOF #08 * Aug 1995 * Intro to CGI-bin and Imagemaps 
    * Chris Dow, Bob Palowoda (Sun MicroSystems)  

    BOF #07 * May 1995 * IUMA, VRML, and HotJava 
    * Will Hobbs (IUMA) , Kevin Long (SGI) , and Chuck McMannis (JavaSoft)

    BOF #06 * Apr 1995 * Internet Service Provision 
    * Robert Berger (Internex)  and Vin Maddux

    BOF #05    * Feb 1995 * Advanced HTML Design 
    * M. Strata Rose and Chris Dow

    BOF #04 * Jan 1995 * 100 Dumb Unix Sys Admin Tricks 
    * Dave Clark (MindSource) 

    BOF #03 * Dec 1994 * The NCSA httpd server and Solaris for Intel 
    * Bob  Palowoda (Sun MicroSystems) 

    BOF #02 * Nov 1994 * Firewalls and PPP 
    * Robert Harker (Harker Seminars) 

    BOF #01 * Oct 1994 * Perl for Unix Sys Admins 
    * JT McDuffie 

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