[conspire] CABAL meeting will be held _earlier_, tomorrow

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Apr 27 14:44:07 PDT 2001

Tomorrow, Saturday 2001-04-28, we'll have one of the regular,
twice-monthly CABAL meeting in Menlo Park.  Ordinarily, it would start
at the standard time of 4 PM and run until either everyone's done or
midnight, whichever comes first.  _However_, because of an evening
commitment Deirdre and I have in the East Bay, we've had to reschedule:

Starting time:  10 AM
Ending time:  3 PM (about)

We will have the usual barbecue -- just as a lunch, rather than dinner.
The weather looks to be spectacularly good.

Among the topics we might want to cover:  How to do residential ADSL, 
since we've just wired up and re-IPed the household to get connectivity
through Raw Bandwidth Communications.

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