[charity-installfest] Installfest for Schools Goes Global @ LinuxWorld

Andrew Fife afife at untangle.com
Tue May 27 14:47:34 PDT 2008

Hello Installfest for Schools Volunteers:

I'm very pleased to announce a partnership with LinuxWorld for our second
Installfest for Schools.  We've gotten a large booth on the expo floor and
will have workstations setup for volunteers to refurbish recycled
computers with Ubuntu.  This year LinuxWorld Expo runs August 5-7 at
Moscone in San Francisco.  If you want to help out you can signup here:  


...But why limit this to just LinuxWorld?  

We're taking the event global by posting the custom ISO images,
client-server architecture, scripts, collateral and tips from the March
1st event online.  Right now we are looking for volunteers to help
organize Installfests for Schools in their own cities.  If you'd like to
help organize an event please register at the link below so that we can
work more closely with you as the date approaches.


We've already got commitments from folks in Bellingham, WA and Portland,
OR to organize local events, so if you'd like to lend a hand but can't
make it to LinuxWorld, you can register your interest here:


Lastly, we are always looking for help getting the word out.  If you want
to give the event some love on your blog, Digg, StumbleUpon, Slashdot,
etc. please link to the main installfest page, which is 


Thanks so much for your help!


P.S. This is an announce only list, so if you have any questions or
comments please reply directly to me.  Or feel free to pickup the phone
and give me a call at one of the numbers listed below.

Andrew Fife
Untangle - The Open Source Network Gateway

650.425.3327 desk
415.806.6028 cell 
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