More Launch 98 Photos

The pre-launch event gets underway.

Ian is hounded by the photographers.

Ian describes some of the finer points of rocket launching.

The rocket on the right is "Launch 98", on the launch stand for the first flight.

The first launch uses a "B" engine. These two frames were taken 0.3 seconds apart using a 28mm lens. (Canon Elan II, ~3.3 fps. Kodak Gold 200, f/11 at 1/300s)

This is the return of the rocket to the parking lot after launch #2. (200mm lens).

Watching the rockets. I don't know if there were any questions or explanations about the t-shirts :-).


Much more information on the "launch" can be found on the official SVLUG Launch Win98 page.

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photos by John Beale.
June 28, 1998