Mail User Agents (MUAs) for Linux

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Pointer-highlighted ([popular]) entries are the most-popular (which of course doesn't necessarily signify merit). Note: For reviews, you'll have to look elsewhere. This page has summaries of feature sets, toolkit/language architectures, code maturity, and licensing -- with only brief comments.

I must also admit to being sloppy in two details, below: "SMTP" merely means the program either does SMTP itself or can invoke (variously) local SMTP agents or remote ones (smarthosts), and "OpenPGP" encompasses legacy PGP support. I am gradually correcting this imprecision.

MUAs (Mail User Agents), graphical, open source:

MUAs (Mail User Agents), graphical, proprietary:

MUAs, console, open source:

System primitives "mail" and "mailx" also qualify, if barely -- as does the "nail" improved version of mailx.

Oft-cited codebase Notmuch is not included on this page because it is simply not an MUA, but rather an (extremely good and flexible) mail indexer and displayer, highly suitable for combination with a good MUA and other associated programs.

MUAs, console, proprietary:

Note: Webmail MUAs comprise another entire mammoth category of options, which are not included in the above listing.

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