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  • Art of Turboing - Rob Levandowski's article on escalating around obstructive customer-service organisations
  • J'Accuse - Perhaps the most famous and influential newspaper article of all time (here, in the original French), novelist Emile Edouard Charles Antoine Zola's Jan. 13, 1898 'J'Accuse' (I accuse), published in the daily newspaper 'L'Aurore'
  • J'Accuse - Emile Zola's famous letter, translated into English by Chameleon Translations of Beaucaire, France
  • Geek Social Fallacies - Essay 'Five Geek Social Fallacies', in which author Michael Suileabhain-Wilson cites characteristic groupthink dysfunctions of technical people's gatherings
  • A Guy Named Fred - Rick Moen salutes the late Fred Korematsu and his spirit of citizenship
  • Jury Duty - Author Rick Moen's 1997 anecdote about attempting to serve on a jury and getting thrown out for being honest and having a conscience
  • Marriage - Kudzu and the Marriage Amendment, by Rick Moen
  • New LUG - Practical advice for founders of new Linux user groups, by Rick Moen
  • Pascal's Wager and Me - Rick Moen details how he became unexpectedly famous for an offhand remark he made during the middle of a Usenet discussion
  • Pseudonymous Blogger Ethics - A kiddie calling itself Landor as an example of fairly typical blogger and widespread misbehaviour on the Internet under cover of fake identities
  • Pre-IPO Tale - Read a Linux Pre-IPO Cautionary Tale
  • Security Snake Oil - Discussion of how software security experts and antivirus software companies mislead users by distracting from the key factor of execution mechanism, and instead focusing on trivia while ignoring real security concerns
  • Semmelweis - Kurt Vonnegut explains why Ignatz Semmelweis was his hero
  • Smart Questions FAQ - Essay 'How To Ask Questions the Smart Way' by Eric S. Raymond and Rick Moen
  • Surviving Christmas - Christmas as (idiosyncratically) a time of dread, by Rick Moen
  • Sysadmin's Secret Weapons - Presentation by Rick Moen at LinuxWorld Expo 2001 about useful software tools for sysadmins
  • User Agent - Karsten Self's suggestion to set User-Agent to 'W3C standards are important. Stop f---ing obsessing over user-agent already.'
  • Verizon Sucks - Anecdote illustrating why you should prefer just about any alternative over Verizon
  • Web 2.0 Cults - Why Rick Moen eschews 'Web 2.0'-style hosting services
  • Worldcons - Essay by Grant Kruger, perfectly describing what a World Science Fiction Convention is like
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