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  • Analogue Video to DVD HOWTO - Anne Wilson's comprehensive explanation of Linux video production using video capture cards, mjpegtools, Linux Video Studio, DVDAuthor, Xine, Audacity, and dvd+rw tools or dvdrecord/cdrecord
  • .ape files - Playing .ape audio files on Linux
  • ASF - Linux support for Microsoft's ASF video format
  • AV FAQ - Linux Audio/Video FAQ at the Linux forum, a comprehensive guide to AV software for (somewhat) technical *ix users
  • Consumer Video to DVD - Consumer Video to DVD under GNU/Linux HOWTO, by Ross Bernheim
  • DVD Ripping and transcoding - HOWTO on extracting and converting data from video DVDs
  • DVD+RW authoring - HOWTO on creating video DVD+RW discs on Linux
  • DV to DVD HOWTO - HOWTO by Florin Andrei on converting digital video material to DVD
  • iTunes - Linux access to iTunes Music Store. Also covers iPod access, and DAAP server implementations.
  • MJPEG HOWTO - Praschinger Bernhard's HOWTO for the MJPEG-Tools package
  • MP3 Tags - Good applications for editing MP3 id3 tags
  • OSS-DVD HOWTO - Tips on burning DVD-R discs using the OSS-DVD GUI front-end with the dvd+rw-tools command-line utilities
  • QuickTime - Playing (various types of) QuickTime (.mov) files
  • RealAudio to MP3 - Converting a RealAudio stream to MP3 via mplayer (see comments for an improved method using a named pipe; use transcode for similar problems with video streaming)
  • RealPlayer - Playing RealAudio and RealVideo (.rm/.ra/rstp/rdp/rtp/SMIL/RAM) files.
  • Sound Capture - Apps to capture and digitise sound from a line input, e.g., from LPs
  • Sound Utilities - Utilities to record and to convert various sound formats
  • Transcode - Detailed example of how to use Transcode utilities to shrink commercial video DVD contents, to create backup copies.
  • Transcode - Transcode and other utilities to encode/compress video on Linux
  • Video Apps - LWN Grumpy Editor's guide to Linux video, part 1
  • Video Apps - LWN Grumpy Editor's guide to Linux video, part 2
  • Video Apps - LinuxLinks list of 42 open-source video applications for Linux
  • Video Capture - How to separately log to disk any video stream VLC is capable of playing
  • Video Editing - State of open source video editing software as of April 2008, per author Rui Lopes
  • Video Files Support - Overview of motion-video client side file support on Linux
  • Video Streaming Servers - Options for Streaming video/audio from Linux (server side)
  • Windows Media - Playing Windows Media Player and Advanced Streaming Format, formerly Active Streaming Format (.asf/.asx/.wmv/.asf/.asx/.wm/.wmx/.wmp/.wma/.wax/.avi) files.
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