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Brandon Sanderson is the author of the Mistborn trilogy, as well as the standalone novels Elantris and Warbreaker. His last two solo novels were ranked on the New York Times bestseller list and he has been nominated for several prestigious awards. He teaches Creative Writing at Brigham Young University. Brandon lives in Utah with his wife and children.

Robert Jordan’s final request to Harriet was that she find someone else to complete the series for him. Tor sent Harriet samples of several authors’ work, and from those, she selected Sanderson as being the best person to complete the series in a manner her husband would be pleased with. Like many of us, Sanderson grew up reading WoT and was deeply saddened by the death of its author.

Brandon’s standalone novels are:

His series are:

The Mistborn Trilogy

The Stormlight Archive

Additionally, he has a Young Adult series: