0.05: What is the deal with those shoddy Tor covers that keep falling off?

[Eric Ebinger, Aaron Gray]


No, you are not alone in having the cover fall off your PB copy of TDR. What can you do about it? Patrick Nielsen Hayden says that you can send the book to Tor, and they will send you a new copy. You can also write a (snail-mail) letter of complaint to Tor. The address is on the inside of the books. DO NOT SEND MEAN E-MAIL TO THE NICE TOR BOOKS MAN!!!! IT IS NOT HIS FAULT!!!

If you want to have a go at repairing them yourself, Eric Ebinger provides instructions:

Materials needed:


  1. If cover(s) are not yet completely detached, GENTLY and carefully detach them. A small, sharp knife may be helpful.
  2. Take sandpaper and briskly sand the back of the spine of the book (on the glue that failed to hold). Continue until the surface is slightly rough (don't over-sand). This should only take 10-20 seconds of sanding.
  3. Lay the cover down on a flat surface with the outside DOWN. Gently sand the inside of the binding (where the spine of the book would be, if the book was still in its cover) until the wax coating is removed. Do not over-sand! The objective is to remove the wax coating so that the glue can get a grip.
  4. Following directions on the package of Goo, spread glue on the binding area of the cover. Orient the book so that its orientation matches that of the cover. Press the book binding down on the cover,lift, wait two minutes, press the book binding back down on the cover, and hold for two minutes.
  5. Let dry overnight. The book should be better than new.

Aaron Gray offers a slightly simpler solution: "Ironing. You just stand the book on its edge (spine up), cover it with a towel, and iron the towel covered spine of the book. This will melt the glue underneath the cover without damaging the cover. I set my iron on high. So good luck..."