What's This about Hugin?

Many people will know this system only as "linuxmafia.com", and wonder what on Earth the raven picture and related text are about.

This machine's earlier incarnation came onto the Internet circa 1994 when I lived at 744 Harrison, San Francisco, Richard Couture's CoffeeNet building. At the time, Richard planned to name all of the Linux workstations he was building for The CoffeeNet after Celtic gods. Being contrarian, I thereupon decided to name mine after Norse mythology: My server and BBS machines were Hugin and Munin (the names of Odin's ravens), and my workstation was Ymir. So, my Web server became known as "hugin.imat.com", since by default it enjoyed DNS nameservice through Richard's personal domain for his long-time, general-purpose business name, "Imagine That".

The problem was that nobody, but nobody, could ever seem to remember "hugin.imat.com": The same people would ask me to remind them of the name, month after month. Clearly, it was a complete failure as a mnemonic device.

So, in 1997, Sam Ockman of Penguin Computing and his staff arranged to buy me, as a gift, the "linuxmafia.com" domain name -- which is what I now use as the primary name for this host on the Net. Thank you, Sam! (It can also be addressed by its local name of "uncle-enzo.linuxmafia.com", or by any of a number of aliases.)

The alternate, older name of "hugin.imat.com" remained valid for all services until September, 2001, when Richard Couture discontinued DNS nameservice for that name within his imat.com domain. However, at my request (because I suspect people still try to use it) on January 10, 2006, he reinstated it again — and it should work. However: Please correct all references to "hugin.imat.com" to say "linuxmafia.com", instead. Thank you.