Q: I just upgraded a vintage Pentium machine from RH 4.2 to 5.1. There were no significant problems, except that the previously configured HP855C local printer on lp1 no longer prints.

The boot log shows lpd installed at boot, top listing shows lpd active after boot, and ASCII test files can be directly printed to the port with printtool. When Postscript or ASCII tests are attempted with printtool, there is no output to the printer, and no entry in the print queue (lpr).

When running lpc, it reports "no daemon active" (despite the fact that it is an active process).

I have reinstall the printer with printtool using the HP550C/HP6xxC filter (which worked just fine with the prior installation of v4.2), but the problem persists unchanged. I suspect it is a problem with printcap or the print filter... any suggestions?

A: This is likely a problem with permissions. Also check /var/log/messages for error messages when you try to print.