Q: How do I eliminate distorted lines on the right side of my monitor?

At the far right of the screen is a distorted bunch of lines that only show up when you move the mouse or a window to the right. It's only on the right side, and, if you move on the virtual desktop, it always stays to the far right.

This is a machine I purchased out of Computer Shopper. I bought the software with a book. It doesn't seem to hinder the use of Linux, but it is annoying and I would like to get rid of it.

A: The distortion could be any number of things. Check http://www.xfree86.org/ for information on the X Window System.

I would try changing your X resolution to something lower than what you are currently using. If that doesn't fix it, try testing the monitor on a known good computer, and see if you still have the trouble. It could be either your X configuration or the monitor itself. Also try http://groups.google.com/ .