Q: How do I compile a new kernel configured like my existing one?

We recently tried to use NetATalk on a Linux workstation. We want to recompile the kernel to include AppleTalk as well as a few other features.

We would like to have a list of the options that were used during the orginal compile. We just want to make sure that we answer the question correctly and not inadvertantley make a mistake. If this information is residing somewhere on the disk, that would be great, however I am unaware of where it might be stored. So, if you could tell us how to find them, that would be great. The machine is configured as follows.

RH 5.1
Intel SE440BX PII 450 w/512 kbcache
128MB 100Mhz ECC SDRAM
4.5 GB Viking II Ultra-2 SCSI
Symbios 8951U ULtra-2 SCSI card
32x IDE CD
PCI Soundblaster 16
Keytronics keyboard
Logitech 3 button PS/2 mouse
1.44 3.5 Floppy
Matrox Mystique 2MB PCI

A: Unless you've changed it, the machine should have a kernel .config file in /usr/src/linux. Just copy .config into your new source, and do a "make xconfig".

After placing a suitable .config file into a fresh kernel tree, it suffices to do "make oldconfig" instead of "make xconfig", if all you want to do is replicate the option selections used in the existing kernel. You will be asked only any new questions that weren't present on the kernel used to generate the .config file.

Please note that you can re-use .config files only on the same or later kernel versions, never earlier version numbers.