Dan Farmer and Weise Venema's SATAN security-checker languished on
account of its proprietary licensing and some project-management issues.
An open-source competitor, SAINT, has taken over its mindshare, which
was renamed to NetSaint, which was renamed to Nagios, http://www.nagios.org/ .

However, below is Linux patch/build information for SATAN, in case
anyone still cares:

From: mstenset@sn.no
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Subject: Re: satan/Linux 2.0
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 02:15:16 GMT
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Dietmar Bode db@covis.de wrote:

>Did anybody try to compile SATAN with Linux 2.x?
>I tried, but got a lot of errmsgs. The documentation says,
>that you shouldn't use linux.

go to

It tells you everything you need to know about installing SATAN on

From: Kent Robotti robotti@pop.erols.com
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Subject: Re: SATAN for Linux
Date: 15 Oct 1997 02:24:14 GMT
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Vadim Zeitlin zeitlin@hepha.lpthe.jussieu.fr wrote:

> where can I get sources for SATAN that compile under Linux?
> I'm not exactly a Perl expert, and so I'm a bit puzzled when I'm trying
> to use an official version - it gives me tons of Perl-related errors.