Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 12:41:19 -0800
From: Rick Moen (
Subject: Re: [svlug] firewall utility

Quoting Ron Hinchley (

> Is there a good firewall utility to simplify the construction of a
> firewall and NAT. All I want is a basic firewall with some ports open
> inside the firewall but closed to the outside. Please advise.

GUI front-ends to iptables include Firewall Builder aka fwbuilder, GNOME lokkit, Fireflier, KDE kmyfirewall, Firestarter, Guarddog, Guidedog, gShieldConf, Knetfilter, Integrated Secure Communications System (ISCS), LutelWall, and Bifrost (proprietary).

Scripts and C programs that do it for you include Arno's IPTables-firewall, FIAIF, BullDog, gShield, ipkungfu, netscript, fireHOL, IPmenu, MonMotha's IPTables Firewall, Linux Firewall, rc.firewall (formerly Firewallscript), Ferm, AGT, shorewall, GIPTables, LinWiz firewall tools, YAFT's Another Firewall Tool, UIF, levy, Turtle Firewall Project, TuxFrw, lokkit (no longer maintained, except as a component of GNOME lokkit), and Uruk.

Or you can use NuOnce Networks's IPTables Rule Creator (proprietary) or Webmin (Web-mediated administrative tools for your system), or alternatively Easy Firewall Generator or PHP Firewall Generator (Web sites that write iptables rulesets).

Me, I just look at Rusty's Remarkably Unreliable Guides when I need to figure something out that I've forgotten:
Especially useful bits:

Good, quick tutorials linked from Rusty Russell's site:

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