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Organization: School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin
Subject: Re: [ILUG] ISP dialup problems
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:06:29 +0100
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On Wednesday 24 September 2003 wrote:

> Being almost new to Linux and not very network savvy I'm not sure how
> to go about debugging this.

There are some very good articles on this by Bill Unruh, e.g., <>

"Initial PPP Setup
Setting up PPP on Linux can be frustrating at times. Bill Unruh explains the basics of PPP in part one of an in-depth PPP how-to for Linux May. 3, 2001"

I think you can ignore what he says about getting the most recent pppd, as the article is quite old.

Incidentally, what does "ifconfig ppp0" say?
Also (if ppp0 is up) try "route".

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