From rick Tue Nov 19 11:59:58 2002
Subject: Re: [TAG] Global Address List
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:59:58 -0800
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> Is there a way to share the users in a Linux Mail Server for Outlook
> clients? We will connect out Outlook clients via pop3/smtp to the
> linux email server but wonder how to share the global address list
> (like Exchange) ..

What you need to do is set up a shared address book using the OpenLDAP
server, an open-source facility for serving up Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol information to networks, that is routinely included in
Linux distributions. This needs to be done with some care on the
OpenLDAP end of things, because Micros*ft Outlook is unusually picky
about the LDAP schema. One hands-on guide to configuring the schema
is here:

You can find one general guide to setting up LDAP (server end)
_software_, in the form of a set of lecture notes I wrote about LDAP, a
year or so ago:

An example of how to set up the _client_ (MS-Outlook) end of the problem
(at a university site) is here:

Note that appending to the address book from MS-Outlook is not
supported (or desirable, actually).

Good luck with the project. Expect it to take a while, to work out all
the details.

Cheers, "To summarize the summary of the summary:
Rick Moen People are a problem." -- Russell Wallace