From: Rick Moen
Subject: Re: [vox] RE: Best ISP for the Road?
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Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 13:16:56 -0800

Quoting Michael Dunham (

> I agree - Earthlink is your best bet. They have a lot more features
> than you need but for $20 a month you have dial-up access through GRIC
> nationally and internationally.
> Any other "cut rate" + GRIC will cost more.

AT&T Business Internet Service (not to be confused with AT&T's mediocre
consumer-grade "Worldnet" service) is what used to be called IBM
Business Internet Service, aka Advantis, aka Its three pricing
plans are detailed here:

If AT&T haven't fux0red the extremely competent IBM setup, then you will
have high-quality, reliable dial-up access all over the continent and in
52 countries elsewhere. Depending on how much you use "roaming access"
-- your home region being one of 1 = North America, 2 =
South America, Caribbean and Mexico, 3 = EMEA = Europe, Middle East and
Africa, 4 = Asia Pacific, and 5 = the Peoples Republic of China -- I
figure it'll probably be cheaper than what you quote for Scientology
(er, I mean Earthlink), too.

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