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Subject: Re: [vox-tech] WebMutt?!!?
From: Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 19:15:49 -0700

Quoting Richard Crawford (rscrawford@mossroot.com):

> Does anyone know of a way that I can set up a web interface to my
> mailbox so I can check my mail via the web while on the road?

Nick Petreley cited a few, earlier this year (SquirrelMail, IMP, TWIG,
V-Webmail), in his series of articles on IMAP:

IMP: http://www.horde.org/imp/ PHP. Part of the Horde project. IMAP, MySQL.
SquirrelMail: http://www.squirrelmail.org/ Includes search engine. PHP. Needs IMAP4rev1 daemon.
TWIG (The Web Information Gateway): http://twig.screwdriver.net/ PHP. Includes access to scheduling info., newsgroups, bookmarks, etc.
V-webmail: http://v-webmail.sourceforge.net/ PHP.


acmemail: http://sourceforge.net/projects/acmemail/ Perl-CGI or mod_perl. Works with POP3 or IMAP, but has folders only with IMAP. Uses Mail:Ccclient library.
AtMail: http://atmail.com/ (Formerly Arrowmail.) Proprietary
AeroMail: http://www.cushman.net/projects/aeromail/ Uses PHP's IMAP functions. Uses Basic HTTP authentication; no cookies; not many features, but lightweight, speedy and easy to install.
AnyMail: http://netbula.com/anyemail/ Perl. Proprietary.
BasiliX: http://basilix.org/ PHP, MySQL.
BoboMail: http://bobomail.sourceforge.net/ Python-based. CGI.
BrowserExpress: http://www.browserexpress.com/ Proprietary. CGI.
CaMail: http://sourceforge.net/projects/camail/ Perl-based. IMAP. Uses LDAP for sessions, contacts, groups, filters, user preferences.
CAMAS: http://ostatic.com/camas http://sourceforge.net/projects/caudium/files/camas/ For Caudium httpd. Written in Pike. Unmaintained since 2004.
Cloak & Dagger Messenger System: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloakndagger/ p.kerys.co.uk Perl-CGI.
http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbmail-webmail/ PHP, DBmail.
Diom Webmail: http://sourceforge.net/projects/diomwebmail/ PHP, IMAP. Configuration stored in a MySQL database.
Divmod: https://code.launchpad.net/divmod.org http://divmod.com/ Python/Twisted. IMAP and POP, VoIP, blogging, image album, automatic extraction of contact data, calendar, to-do list, instant messages (AIM, Jabber, IRC). Mails are fully indexed and searchable.
DragonFlyMail: http://www.dflytech.com/products/dragonflymail/ PHP.
EmuWebMail: http://www.emuwebmail.com Perl-CGI. POP3/IMAP.
Hastymail: http://www.hastymail.org/ PHP.
IlohaMail: http://ilohamail.org/ PHP. Database support is optional. Provides custom IMAP/POP3 library for PHP. Multilingual. Easy to use and install.
IMAP-PostAmt: http://sourceforge.net/projects/postamt PHP. Cyrus imapd. (Inactive since 2006.)
Intelligent Mail Grabber: http://freecode.com/projects/intelli Perl. IMAP or POP3.
jwma: http://jwma.sourceforge.net/ Java.
Just Another Webmail (JAWmail): http://www.jawmail.org/ PHP's IMAP functions.
kmMail: http://kmmail.sourceforge.net/ PHP. Uses Keftamail?
MailDog: http://www.unix.gr PHP.
more.groupware: http://www.moregroupware.de/ more.groupware is another Web-based groupware. It contains modules like contact management, webmail, calendar, and more, and is relatively easy to extend.
NeoMail: http://sourceforge.net/projects/neomail/ Gone from http://www.neomail.org/ , which is now a redirect to http://erniemiller.org/. Perl-CGI. (Deprecated as long unmaintained by its author Ernie Miller.)
netmania mail: http://www.netmania.org/ PHP, MySQL.
NOCC: http://nocc.sourceforge.net/ PHP-based. Connect via IMAP or POP3.
NS WebMail: http://www.nikosoft.net/nswm/ Perl-based. POP3.
Null Webmail: http://nullwebmail.sourceforge.net/webmail/ C, CGI.
Nwebmail: http://nwebmail.sourceforge.net/ C. Not very portable (e.g., not BSD-friendly). MIME, import/export of address books.
OakMailer: http://www.oakbox.com/scripts/oakmailer.shtml Formerly Thinmailer. Perl and modules.
oMail-webmail: http://omail.omnis.ch/ (Deprecated in favour of Roundcube.) For qmail.
OpenGroupware.org: http://www.opengroupware.org/
OpenWebMail: http://openwebmail.org/ Perl-CGI. Based on Neomail. Designed to handle very large mail folders. Designed particularly for smooth migration from MS-Outlook.
Perl Webmail: http://software.jaos.org/ CGI/mod_perl. POP/APOP.
phpGroupWare: http://www.manvswebapp.com/phpgroupware Includes FeLaMiMail, a webmail package forked from SquirrelMail. PHP. Also includes Anglemail. PHP.
phpop: http://www.renaghan.com/pcr/phpop.html PHP.
PHPost: http://webgadgets.com/phpost/ PHP.
Prometheus Internet Mail Program (PIMP): http://prometheus.zerodivide.net/apps/pimp/ PHP, IMAP.
Popper: http://www.ractive.ch/popper/ PHP.
Postaci Webmail: http://www.trlinux.com/ PHP. POP3/IMAP.
Postman: http://www.uv.es/postman/postman.html C++. IMAP. Multiple folders, MIME, address book.
Prayer: ftp://ftp.csx.cam.ac.uk/pub/software/email/prayer/, formerly at http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/~dpc22/prayer/ C. Works with WU-IMAPd. Unmaintained since v. 1.3.5 in 2010. (Not recommended.)
Read Your Mail Online (rymo): http://rymo.sourceforge.net/ PHP.
RoundCube: http://roundcube.net/ PHP/MySQL. Multilingual IMAP client. MIME support, contacts (address book), filters, attachments, custom folders, mailbox caching, multiple sender identities, XHTML, CSS2. Supports customisation with skins, supports external SMTP daemon for outgoing mail. Beta a/o 2006-06.
Saké Mail: http://endymion.com/products/sake/mail/ Proprietary. Java.
Simple Webmail: http://simple-webmail.sourceforge.net/ PHP. IMAP.
Spmail: http://sourceforge.net/projects/spmail/ Perl. MySQL. POP3.
sqWebMail: http://www.courier-mta.org/ http://www.inter7.com/sqwebmail/ C. Available either separately or as part of the Courier MTA suite. Maildir folders only.
TMail: http://www.groovin.net/tmail/ PHP.
twiggi: http://twiggi.sourceforge.net/ PHP.
UebiMiau: http://www.uebimiau.org/ PHP. Database not required. Either POP3 or IMAP; folders supported with either. Said to be easy to install.
w3mail: http://www.w3mail.org/ Perl. POP3. Proprietary.
WAPMail: http://e-sphere.net/ PHP.
WebMail (by NetWin): http://www.netwinsite.com/webmail/ Proprietary.
WebThing Mailer: http://www.webthing.com/software/mail.html http://web.archive.org/web/20070727145034/http://www.webthing.com/software/mailer.tar.gz (C++, orphaned in 2007)
WebUMake Mail: http://www.webumake.com/wmail/ Proprietary.
Werkmail: http://werkmail.sourceforge.net/ PHP. POP3/IMAP.
Ywcmail: Aka YingWaMail. Gone from http://ywcmail.sunsite.dk/, but there's a source tarball of v. 0.95 at http://www.naspa.com/cgi/library.cgi?library=Linux&file_index=190

More at: http://www.reedmedia.net/misc/mail/web-based.html

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