From rick Mon Jun 24 17:19:52 2002
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:19:52 -0700
To: ""
Subject: Re: spell check on mozilla

Quoting Chandra Amarasingham (

> Can someone confirm for me that there is no spell check tool on mozilla.
> If there is I can't find it.

It took me a moment to understand your question, because I think of
Mozilla as just a Web browser, and don't even have the mail & news
component installed. (I've never understood people wanting their
Web browsers to read mail. Why not have a _mail_ program that reads
mail. That way, you can choose the best of each.)

Anyhow, no, Mozilla Mail 1.0.0 doesn't appear to include a spelling
checker -- but it has hooks for one. If you want to add one and have
Netscape Communicator 6.x handy, you can copy over _its_ spelling
checker, and use it in Mozilla Mail's Mail Composer (editor). The
reason it's not included in Mozilla is that it's proprietary third-party
code included by Netscape Communications under licence.

Alternatively, you can grab the open-source, beta-quality spellchk.xpi
one, which wasn't quite ready into time for the 1.0.0 release. That's
why there are spelling-checker hooks in 1.0.0, but nothing
but nothing connected to them by default:

There are _many_ good standalone mail clients. Notables include:
Sylpheed, KMail, Mahogany, Balsa, Post Office, Aethera, Evolution,
Pronto, and Spruce. I have no doubt that most or all of those have
integrated spelling checkers.

(Personally, I prefer that my mail client be able to use the editing
program of my choice, which in turn I can use with the spelling checker
of my choice. Those are some of the considerations that make me prefer
the mutt mailer, which I use with vim as an editor and aspell as
spelling checker.)

Cheers, The difference between common sense and paranoia is that common sense
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