Mail Delivery Agents for Linux

Remote MDAs:

Note to self: Self, you might want to supplement the above by adding the POP3-only MDAs — BSD in.pop3d (aka popper) by Katie Stevens, Glynn Clements, Fabio Coatti, and Filippo Grassilli, cucipop (Cubic Circle POP3 daemon) by S.R. van den Berg, fetchpop by Seung-Hong Oh, get-mail by Rajko Albrecht, gnu-pop3d by Jakob Kaivo, gwpop (in Perl4) by Stephane Bortzmeyer, ids-pop3d by Jakob Kaivo, Pmail by Ming Xu, pop-perl5 (in Perl) by William M. Perry, Bill Reynolds, Steve McCarthy, Sven Neuhaus, and Kevin Everets, POP3Lite by Gergely Nagy, popclient by Carl Harris and Eric S. Raymond, popspam by James DeRidder PopTart by James Anderson, qmail-pop3d by Daniel J. Bernstein, qpopper by Randall Gellens, solid-pop3d by Jerzy Balamut and Arkadiusz Miskiewicz, Teapop by Ibrahim Khalifa, tpop3d by Chris Lightfoot, virtualmail-pop3d (aka vm-pop3d) by Jeremy C. Reed, yapops by Nir Oren, zpop3d by Laurent Monin, etc. (This list includes both POP3 clients and POP3 daemons.)

Local MDAs (local delivery agents = LDAs)

These are now covered on a separate LDAs page.