From: (Sam Trenholme)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
Subject: Re: F00F Bug: Comparison of Vendor's Statements
Date: 18 Nov 1997 04:46:30 GMT
Organization: Linux 2.0.32 #1 Sun Nov 16 1997 i686 unknown

In order to download the Pentium F00F fix, get the following files:

The procedure for compiling a new kernel is described in detail
elsewhere. To patch the new kernel:

cd /usr/src/
mv linux linux.old
tar xvzf linux-2.0.31.tar.gz
cd linux
gunzip -dc /?/pre-patch-2.0.32-4.gz.maybe |patch -p1 -s -N -E -d

where /?/ is the location of where you downloaded

Compiling a new kernel is described in any good book on Linux, or in the
appropriate HOWTO.

People using PCMCIA will also need to download and recompile the pcmcia
suite. Look here:

- Sam

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