Dell PERC RAID Controller Support in Linux

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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 11:45:29 -0700
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Subject: Re: [ILUG] Which RedHat for Dell Perc
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> Anybody using Dell PERC RAID controllers with Red Hat? (specifically a
> PERC 3/QC)
> I'm wondering what exact version/release of Red Hat 8.0 to spring for,
> considering all the options at ...

The problem with the term "Dell PERC" is that it misleads one into thinking it refers to a single thing. In fact, Dell uses the term "PERC", as they do several other such names, as a house brand for relabeled hardware from elsewhere. There are PERC PCI cards as well as motherboard-integrated chipsets.

PERC implementations divide into those using relabelled LSI Logic (formerly AMI) Megaraid chipsets requiring Linux's megaraid or megaraid_2002 driver, ones using relabelled LSI Logic (formerly Symbios, formerly NCR) MPT Fusion chipsets using Linux's mptbase/mptscsih drivers, and ones using relabelled Adaptec chipsets using Linux's aacraid driver. Here's a field guide:

LSI Logic / AMI chipsets (megaraid or megaraid_2002 driver):

LSI Logic MPT Fusion chipsets (mptbase/mptscsih drivers):

Adaptec chipsets (aacraid driver):

Note that PERC2 and PERC2/Si use a completely different chipset (and thus driver) from the PERC2/SC, PERC2/DC and PERC2. Similarly, PERC3/Si and PERC3/Di use a completely different chipset (and thus driver) from the PERC3/SC, PERC3/DC, PERC3/DCL, PERC3/DCP, and PERC3/QC. Similarly, PERC4/iM uses a completely different chipset (and thus drivers) from the PERC4/SC and PERC4/Di.

The megaraid_2002 driver is probably a RedHat-ism, not found in standard kernels. On Red Hat, it's required for the PERC4/SC and PERC4/Di chipsets.

See further information on this page:

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