Subject: 11.4) How can I use a VGA monitor on my Sun?

A simple adapter will connect a Sun to a VGA multi-sync monitor, providing the monitor (like most better monitors these days) will accept composite sync and operate in 1152x900 66 Hz (or whatever output your Sun produces) mode. (Check the manufacturer's data sheets, usually on the Web.)

Adapters are available from:

Ultraspec Cables, Inc., Lakewood, NJ, USA
(voice) (NA) 1-800-622-2537 (int'l) 1-908-901-0200
(fax) (NA) 1-800-222-5337 (int'l) 1-908-901-0240

The Sun to VGA adapter is part number 1395
Nudata (908-842-1161, fax 908-905-5708) part number DA1152

Thanks to Randolph Fritz for the above.

Bert N. Shure points out that Integrix sells a VGA SBUS framebuffer, the HD15, which permits ordinary VGA monitors to be used on Suns. Integrix also sells various SVGA framebuffers. For more information, consult

This and many other interesting facts about Sun Framebuffers are answered in the Framebuffer FAQ, at