From: Rick Moen (
Subject: Re: [plug] Problem on SCSI...???
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 00:34:48 -0800


> I am trying to install Redhat 7.3. However, i keep getting the "No
> hard drives have been found... need to manually choose device
> drivers for the installation to succeed" message. I've tried to add
> SCSI device driver from the list, but to no avail, still ain't
> worked! By the way, I have 2 - 17 gb scssi hard drives installed using
> SCSI Adaptec AIC-7899. Please help!

Practically all of the RH 7.x series had problems with particular combinations of motherboards and AIC-7xxx chipsets. See the 2001-05-14 advisory from Doug Ledford about Intel 440GX motherboard chipsets.

If the information there doesn't help, you might want to try using my former co-worker's variant (improved) RH-variant distribution, Vermillion. One of the reasons what is now called Vermillion came into existence in the first place was to fix RH's hardware support.

[2008 follow-up: Michael E. Jennings, the force behind Vermillion, eventually joined forces with the CentOS Project, which thus became the eventual sucessor of Red Hat with VA Linux Enhancements, which became Vermillion when VA Linux Systems, Inc. terminated its Linux operations.]