Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 22:27:36 -0700
From: Rick Moen
Subject: Implementing SuSE Office Suite
X-Mailer: Mutt 0.93.2

Please see
It seems that there are reliable ways to make that version of
ApplixWare work on arbitrary modern distributions -- using the glibc
version on disc 2, and removing the LD_PRELOAD wrapper.
Do you know of any problems with SuSE Office Suite 99 _not_
addressed by the referenced document?

Applixware 4.4.1. on SuSE Linux 6.0
Applies to
SuSE Linux: Version 6.0
Applix: Version 4.4.1


You want to install Applixware 4.4.1 from the Linux Office Suite 99 on a SuSE
Linux 6.0 system.


There are two possibilities :

1.You can install the glibc based version of Applixware 4.4.1 . In order to
do that : As root mount CDROM 002 on the directory /cdrom. Start YaST® and
choose the menu item Choose/Install packages, then Install packages.

Choose Directory as installation source and enter the path


Choose the packages axbase, axfont and apxeng (for an english
installation). Start the installation with F10

If you have the first edition of the Linux Office Suite 99 (the SuSE logo
still contains the dots -- S.u.S.E. -- in that version), you still need the
libstdc++-2.8, since that library isn't contained in SuSE Linux 6.0 (6.0 uses a
much newer library). The necessary RPM package can be found at

Please also check the file /usr/X11R6/bin/applixware. Please remove the
line "export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/" if it is contained in that file.

Finally start the program SuSEconfig. Now restart Applixware.

2.The second, alternative possibility is to install the libc5 based
Applixware packages from the SuSE Linux 5.3 base system on CDROM 001 . Please
make sure the package shlibs5 from SuSE Linux 6.0 is installed, so Applixware
finds the required shared libraries.

Applixware 4.4.1. : Problems after update to SuSE Linux 6.0
Applies to
SuSE Linux: Version 6.0
XFree86: Version 4.4.1


You've updated your SuSE Linux System to version 6.0, however now Applixware
4.4.1 doesn't work anymore. When starting the program in an xterm using the
command /usr/X11R6/bin/applixware, a message like the following appears (or
parts of it):

cp: error in loading shared libraries cannot open shared objekt
file: No such file or directory getStrOpen: Could not open
/opt/applix/axdata/eng/axstrfl start process: connect: Connection refused


There are two possible causes. A LD_PRELOAD line was added to the wrapper
script, since Applixware contained its own loader in the first edition of Linux
Office Suite 99. This loader unfortunately didn't work. Now the former
workaround fails on glibc based systems.

The second problem appears in conjunction with an existing directory
/opt/applix/axdata/eng/, when the package apxeng isn't installed. Applixware
tries to start in english, if that directory exists, however it can't find the
necessary files.


1.Remove the line "export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/" from
/usr/X11R6/bin/applixware or put a comment sign # in front of that line.

2.Install the package shlibs5 with YaST®.

3.Remove the dire [ctory?]