RM note: The following is an extremely rough, in-process set of notes
about Content Management System / Knowledgebase software. Don't expect
much from it, yet.

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 05:51:24 +0000 (UT)
From: Graeme Cross gcross@alphalink.com.au
Subject: Re: content management system
To: LUV luv@luv.asn.au

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 10:20:08 +1000, Chandra Amarasingham said:

> Any recommendations for a content management system. I had a look at
> phpnuke, it looks rather nice but it does not allow users to post html
> content very well. I am not sure how possible that it is, but it would
> be nice if users could insert tables, pictures, links without html
> knowledge. I guess in short a html composer within a website.

There is a comprehensive list of open source content management systems


You'll find all the usual suspects there, with links and a brief
description of each.

- Graeme

Graeme Cross gcross@alphalink.com.au

Midgard Project framework http://www.midgard-project.org/

Management interfaces
Aegir CMS

Aegir CMS
User-friendly Content Management System built on the Midgard framework.
Key features include an MS Word-compatible content editor, staging/live
setup, multi-company hosting (ASP) support, and a flexible templating
and layout system. (Proprietary, gratis non-profit.)



Desktop IDE for developing web applications with PHP and the Midgard
application server. The PHPmole toolkit provides Midgard developers with
a freely-available application comparable to DreamWeaver and MS Visual
Studio, with additional content management functionalities.
License: GNU General Public License
Environment: Desktop (GTK+ and Win32)

The Knowledgebase can be downloaded at

The knowledgebase is a tool to help you build a knowledgebase. The
knowledgebase is organized into various topics. Users ask questions
pertaining to certain topics. The questions/answers are browsable by
keywords. The data is stored in a relational database - MySQL. You need
to have Apache with PHP3 and MySQL to use this tool.

Different users have different privileges. Certain users can only ask
questions and browse answers. Some can answer questions. The
administrators can delete irrelevant questions, assign privileges to
users etc. (normal admin functions).


HelpWorks Professional
Cost: $79.00

HelpWorksPro is a robust knowledge base support system written in PHP
and MySQL. It is simple to use, packed with power, and offers many
powerful features and options which you can customize.

AmyQ FAQ Manager
Cost: Free (GPL) | Added: 12/04/2002 Average visitor rating of 6 out
of 10

AmyQ (Ask Me Your Question) is a unique FAQ manager.

FAQ Manager
Cost: Freeware

An easy to use interface, which can be customized to suit your needs.

FAQ-U Visit Download
Cost: Free

Free to use Frequently Asked Questions knowledge system. Requires PHP3
or above, MySQL and preferably a UNIX like operating system

Cost: Freeware

A tool to maintain a FAQ database.

Cost: Free (GPL) | Added: 12/03/2002 Average visitor rating of 6 out
of 10

Glossword is an advanced dictionary management system.

KBase Knowledge Base
Cost: $59.87 | Added: 12/04/2002 Average visitor rating of 2 out of

KBase is a php/MySQL based knowledge base/help document management

Cost: Free (GPL)

paFAQ is a feature rich FAQ/Knowledge base system. It runs using PHP and

Cost: Free (GPL)

The PhpFAQTory project is a tool making it possible to simplify the
drafting of a document of the type FAQ, How-to, or of all other
documents articulated around a logic.

piFAQ Lite Visit
Cost: Free (GPL)

piFAQ is a simple script that will help you to create (and manage) FAQ
page on your site.

Self Serve FAQ
Cost: Free (GPL)

Self Serve FAQ is a small PHP script that makes maintaining your faq
page a lot easier. Because its dynamic, it allows you to add new topics,
questions, comments without having to modify one file.

The Knowledgebase
Cost: Free

The knowledgebase is a tool to help you build a knowledgebase. The
knowledgebase is organized into various topics.


MiniHelp! - Live Help for WebSites
MiniHelp! is a great live attendant! It offers real-time customer
support and sales assistance when you are online and offers support when
you are offline. The operator does not need to be waiting on computer
for a visitor to call. He is alerted buy a visual and an audio signal
when the customer requests assistance. MiniHelp! is a completely web
based system without monthly charges.
(Price: $ 45 Hits: 2 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

MiniHelp! - Live Help for websites
It offers aid for its customer in the hour where more necessary it, or
either, when it still is online, in real time. The MiniHelp! he is one
script PHP that allow to interact with the visitors of its site, allow
offer support and/or sales in real time through chat! The operator does
not need to be waiting the visitor to call, when it requests aid, the
operator is informed through a visual and sonorous signal. MiniHelp! is
a system total based in web. Does not require no additional software or
plugin. Icons ONLINE and OFFLINE are shown in its page.
(Price: US$ 45 Hits: 3 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

WonderAide Live Help
WonderAide is a live help program that allows your web site visitors to
chat with you in real time. Place status button on any page on your web
site. When online, the visitor is able to login and initiate a live help
session. When offline, visitor is presented with an information form to
fill out. Paging feature. Multiple themes. Customizable. Multiple chat
(Price: $69.00 Hits: 2 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

"Anteil is a PHP/MySQL-driven Web-based Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) application designed to help you better identify, attract, retain,
service and support customers. Employing full Web architecture, this
open-source solution is a fast and easy way for your company to
implement a basic CRM application."
(Price: Free (GPL) Hits: 525 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

Dapper Desk
Dapper Desk is an online help desk software suite hosted on your server
or ours that offers your support department the speed and flexibility to
organize and manage support requests. Bring your customer service
department under control with our unique ID system with time stamp.
Dapper desk is fully customizable and comes with a host of features that
will help you provide a high level of service to your customer base.
(Price: "$1,799.00 " Hits: 149 Votes: 1 Rating: 10.00)

"FAQ 4 U is a faq management script that uses a MySQL database for
storing questions and anwsers. It includes an admin page to add, edit
and delete FAQs, and can be customized to fit your sites design."
(Price: free Hits: 145 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

FAQ 4 U Pro
"FAQ 4 U Pro is a set of PHP/MySQL scripts to make dynamic FAQ pages
with topics. It allows you to display print-friendly and searchable
FAQs. FAQ 4 U also come with a user-friendly, Password protected
administration section to add/remove/modify questions, add header and
footer files to fit your sites design. Also included is a web based
installation script for an easy set up process"
(Price: $60.00 Hits: 63 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

FAQ-U allows for multiple administrators. It allows visitors to search
FAQ databases. The script also has color and formatting options.
(Price: Free Hits: 85 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

"Faqforge is a web based document creation and management tool. It can
be used to create FAQs, manuals, guides, HOW TOs, and other web based
documents requiring a hierarchical structure. "
(Price: Free Hits: 149 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

"gcdb is an aesthetically pleasing MySQL/PHP billing database. It
supports Customer, Payment, Invoice, Account, and Trouble Ticket
entries. Meant for ISP, Hosting, or general billing."
(Price: Free (GPL) Hits: 264 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

Help Desk Customer Management
"Help Desk is a PHP/mySQL Support Management tool. It allows visitors to
submit tickets (without the cumbersome need to register) but each
message is tracked with a unique code to ensure privacy. Features
unlimited admin capability with signatures, an admin control panel to
view unanswered and saved tickets as well as ability to delete tickets"
(Price: $50.00 Hits: 257 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

Kbase Knowledge
KBase was designed to allow the web based business owner to easily
create a support section for their products and services and to make it
easy to keep that documentation up to date. KBase can be used to create
online manuals with headings and subheadings or elaborate FAQ's in
multiple category or topic headings
(Price: $59.87 Hits: 110 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

mhd is based on PHP Helpdesk - a helpdesk application originally written
in PHP by Joseph Hoot. TID management is based on Kbshare (not finished)
originally written by Brian Snipes. It uses MySQL as the database
(Price: Free (GPL) Hits: 233 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

MyFAQ is a PHP application that allows you to manage Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) section on your site. It uses a MySQL database for
storing all data
(Price: free Hits: 115 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

ODFaq is a FAQ maintenance scripts that can help you manage your FAQs
data. Easy to install and administration functions are done using a
user-friendly web interface. FAQs are inserted to your page using
function calls.
(Price: Free Hits: 66 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

PHP Helpdesk
"PHP Helpdesk is a tracking and analysis application that allows you to
add and delete users, departments, and categories. It also adds trouble
ticket and job information."
(Price: Free Hits: 380 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

PHP Live Helper
Provide realtime customer support to clients and potential clients fast
and easyily. PHP Live helper is an affordable alternative to other
popular applications, without the monthly cost and extra software. You
can access the administration area from any browser anywhere, a;; on
your own server.
(Price: 49.99 Hits: 73 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

PHP Live!
PHP Live! Support CRM Solution. Unlimited departments and operators.
Open source PHP code and MySQL powered. Runs on your server and domain!
(Price: $99 Hits: 87 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

"phpFAQTory is a multi-user PHP-based tool for creating, maintaining,
managing, and generating (in HTML or XML format) Web-based documents. It
can be used for FAQs, HOWTOs, manuals, guides, and other Web-based
documents requiring a hierarchical structure
(Price: Free (GPL) Hits: 92 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)

Smoky FAQ
With a MySQL backend and an web based automated instalation script.
Supports multiple FAQs, topics per FAQ and Q&As per topic. Independent
Header and Footer for easy integration on your site. Language file.
Style Sheets for easy customization. Manage FAQs, Topics and Q&As in one
single operation. Cross Browser compatible.
(Price: $10 Hits: 39 Votes: 3 Rating: 8.00)

The Knowledgebase
"This is a tool to help you build a knowledgebase on your Web site. The
knowledgebase is organized into various topics. Users ask questions
pertaining to certain topics. The questions/answers are browsable by
keywords. The data is stored in a relational database - MySQL. It
requires Apache with PHP3 and MySQL to use this tool. Different users
have different privileges: Certain users can only ask questions and
browse answers, Some can answer questions and The administrators can
delete irrelevant questions, assign privileges to users etc."
(Price: free Hits: 198 Votes: 0 Rating: 0.00)


This Note: knowledge apps foundry on sourceforge

I want to bring developers together into a single SourceForge foundry
dedicated to Knowledge Applications. These will include Lucid,
ThoughtStream, gZigZag, wiki, jake, knowledgebase, etc.

Please pass the message on to other developers. If you think this is a
good idea, please contact me at sdanic@memes.net

Currently there are a lot of these types of applications being developed
in relative isolation. I think the open source knowledge app community
would benefit by bringing developers together into one space with
dedicated news and discussion forums. Hopefully this will crystallize
the community a bit, and developers will find existing projects to join
which share similar goals. Maybe we can incite some sharing of code and

For all interested developers, please post/link your project description
as a child of this note. We'll use this space temporarily until we can
get enough people together to initiate a sourceforge foundry.
-sdanic ( 10:57 Sep 13, 2000 )

I've taken the liberty of linking the first three apps, whose
maintainers have already demonstrated interest. -sdanic ( 10:59 Sep 13,
2000 )

Here's a link to the news release on Sourceforge. Feel free to add
comments there as well. -sdanic ( 01:45 Sep 15, 2000 )

Looks like Jim Kingdon has left Sourceforge. There may be another chance
to get a Knowledge apps foundry started if they find a replacement for
( 10:05 Nov 28, 2000 )


Subject: [sfvlug-announce] Knowledge Base Meeting
From: ForPractice Webmaster@forpractice.com
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:28:41 -0800

Hi all,

This coming Wednesday we will be having our first Knowledge Base SIG
meeting, exact time and location to be announced. Anyone interested in
information retrieval using sophisticated methods that go beyond simple
indexing and categorization is welcome to attend. You don't need to be a
database guru to attend. The purpose of this SIG is to create a
knowledge base for Linux users of all skill levels. If successful it
would be nice to expand into knowledge retrieval for all kinds of
subjects. This is a HOT field to get into!

There are several existing open source projects with GPL or similar
licensing that attempt to address efficient and effective knowledge
retrieval. We may wind up either finding one that addresses all our
needs, as is, or we might want to find one we can tweak or build one
from scratch.

So far the design considerations favor using XML, PHP, an open source
SQL based relational database management system (RDBMS) such as MySQL,
and Java. Coincidentally, for those who believe in coincidence, there
was just published in the November 2001 Linux Journal an article on a
project that may be quite close to what we want especially since it
allows for contributions from many sources. There are The article is
conveniently available on the Net at:


There are also some projects listed at SourceForge. I picked just a
sample of some of those projects that already have downloads available.
You can find more by searching for "knowledge" "knowledgebase" or
"knowledge base". Here is a list of just a few:


Ultimately we would like to take it further into the realm of artificial
intelligence (AI) to make it possible to parse existing documents to
accurately evaluate the nature of the information contained with little
or no human intervention. Yes, that is very ambitious, but it is
essential that such capabilities come into existence that are not
hindered by intellectual property restrictions. We may fail to reach our
most ambitious goals, but in trying we may be able to come up with some
cool intermediate solutions.

Watch this list for the announcement of the exact time and place for the
Wednesday, December 5, 2001 SFVLUG Knowledge Base SIG.

See Y'all there, or contact Kurt at bogus@microtown.com for more info.


Active SmartFAQ

Description: SmartFAQ allows you to easily create your sites Frequently
Asked Questions pages and add entries to it in the future. It cuts down
on the time it takes to add a question to your FAQ from minutes to

Resource Specification
Version: 1
Platform(s): Unix
Price: Free
Last Updated: 2000-09-14
Author: Jimmy
Category: Perl: Scripts and Programs: FAQ and Knowledgebase

FAQ Builder

Description: FAQ Builder is a Perl script that generates an html
document based on the questions & answers as stored in the data file.

Resource Specification
Version: 1.0
Price: Free
Last Updated: 2000-06-30
Author: Jerry Lawrence
Category: Perl: Scripts and Programs: FAQ and Knowledgebase

[054] - phpBrain Knowledgebase 0.1
by BartV (http://freshmeat.net/users/BartV/)
Thursday, October 10th 2002 04:01

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management

About: PhpBrain is a fully functional knowledge base system. The system
uses natural language queries and information browsing for data
retrieval and allows users to contribute. Features include a full
text/natural language query search, Yahoo-style browsing through
information, Google-style rating of answers, and a newsletter signup
which sends new or updated entries to subscribers.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

PhpBrain is a fully functional knowledge base system. The system uses
natural language queries and information browsing for data retrieval and
allows users to contribute. Features include a full text/natural
language query search, Yahoo-style browsing through information,
Google-style rating of answers, and a newsletter signup which sends new
or updated entries to subscribers.



PhpBrain is a fully functional knowledge base system written in
PHP/MySQL, originally set up to service the Blender 3D Community
(www.blender.nl). The system uses natural language queries and
information browsing for data retrieval and allows users to contribute.

* screen shots: PhpBrainScreenshots
* PhpBrainDocumentation (not much here yet)
* FAQ: available soon as a phpBrain implementation. Until then, use the
* PhpBrainFaq pages.

IMPORTANT: This is the initial release of phpBrain - I haven't had much
time yet to make it easy to install. Expect some bugs and expect to have
to tweak some code! Still, I think it's quite a nifty system and
thousands of users agree :-)

This website is a Wiki; that means that you can edit (almost) any page.
If you have questions, suggestions or improvements for a page then just
go ahead and apply them. Please leave your name + email address behind
so that we can get in touch with you. Give it a try in the

I hope you'll find phpBrain useful!


* Full text/natural language query search.
* Yahoo-style browsing through information. (For visitors who don't
know what they don't know).
* Google-style rating of answers.
* Newsletter signup sends new or updated entries to subscribers.
* Rating system.
* Comment/feedback.
* Users can enter new questions.
* Users can answer 'open' questions.
* Administration interface allows review of new answers and editing
of existing material.
* Quick category assignment for administrators.
* Automatic FAQ generator translates the entire database to HTML
pages, allowing for offline browsing.
* Template driven - easy to adjust to your look and feel.
* Statistics generator (BETA). Collects information about the item
popularity and creates 'what's related?' information by analyzing
visitor behavior.
* Distributed under the GPL license.

See phpBrain in action

The Blender Knowledgebase. The original implementation of phpBrain,
serving the user community of Blender - a freeware (now open source)
3D animation/game design studio. The Blender Knowledgebase has served
over 380.000 answers so far. Please don't use this system for testing
- Blender users rely on it for information! I'll have a sandbox
available soon.


* A recent version of PHP (tested on 4.2.2; minimum required version
* A recent version of MySQL, supporting full-text search (tested on
* Smarty (PHP Templating class): get it from http://smarty.php.net/
(tested on 2.1.1)


Get your copy here:



Events & Hangouts
First Annual Open Source CM Conference
08 Mar 2002 11:08 GMT

Zurich, 21-22 March

First Annual Open Source Content Management Systems Conference

First Annual Conference of Open Source Content Management Systems

On 21 and 22 March 2002 developers of content management systems from
the world over will meet in Zurich for the First Open Source Content
Management Systems Conference.

All participants adhere to the open source spirit: the source code and
therefore the results of their labor are available for free to anyone.

Low costs and a large degree of vendor independence have lead to a
growing share of open source software in the content management systems

Six fully operable programs are already available on the market: Cofax
(US), Midgard (Finland), MMBase (Netherlands), OpenCms (Germany), Wyona
(Switzerland) and Zope (US).

Some of these are used worldwide. On the first day of the conference,
each of the six programs will be presented by their respective

On the second day, three frameworks that are used in conjunction with
content management software will also be presented by their respective

These are Cocoon, Infozone and Axkit.


More at: http://www.clueful.com.au/cgi-bin/cmsdirectory/browse/

Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:52:34 +1100
From: Adam Brown adam@freestream.com.au
Subject: Re: Online Editing of webpages ?
To: Bill Farrow bill@arrowsreach.com, luv@luv.asn.au
X-Mailer: KMail [version 1.3.2]


We faced this dilemma some months ago when needing to choose a CMS for a
system we are developing. We found an excellent GPL solution in WebGUI

It addresses your requirements as follows:

1. Revision Control is a must, diff versions, rollback, etc. -
No support. If I were you I would write an undo/redo mechanism for
WebGUI whereby each transaction stores a corresponding undo transaction.

2. Edit mode requires user authentication.
WebGUI has a standard unix-like user/group/privilege system

3. Upload of images and files.

4. Simplified editing for non technical users
WebGUI is wonderfully simple to use once you have taken some time to
learn it (a couple of days). The latest release (5.0) has a proficiency
system whereby a more or less complicated interface can be presented to
the user depending on their level of ability.

To further summarise my experience with WebGUI:

Has heaps of functionality that works very well
Simple, elegant design
Easy to use
Almost Mature (5.01 version belies its age of just a couple of years)
Very active development
Flexible, extensible
Easy to hack/customise
Cross platform, cross browser
Heaps of other good things

They make money selling documentation and support so the free
documentation and support is a little thin when you start out. But we
found it was adequate with a little reading between the lines and a
few peeks at the code. I certainly don't have a problem sending them
~AUD120 for their trouble.

I recommend you get into it.



Plone (built on Zope): http://www.plone.org/

From: "Ric N. Varela" ric@caraga.dost.gov.ph
To: plug@lists.q-linux.com
Subject: Re: [plug] Your Favorite CMS
X-Mailer: Open WebMail 1.62 20020315
Reply-To: plug@lists.q-linux.com
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:04:25 +0800

I tried using the following and find it easy to install and maintain.

Mambo (www.mamboserver.com)
PhpWebsite (phpwebsite.appstate.edu)
ezpublish (www.ezpublish.net)
geeklog (www.geeklog.org)

From: Andres Montiel mainlists@chargedideas.com
To: PLUG plug@lists.q-linux.com
X-Mailer: Ximian Evolution 1.0.8 (1.0.8-10)
Reply-To: plug@lists.q-linux.com
Date: 13 Jan 2003 12:01:03 +0800

You can also try Magellan (based on Ampoliros).(www.ampoliros.com) I
just installed Ampoliros and am going to try out Magellan later. :)

- Andoy


From: Ken Guest ken@tuatha.org
To: ilug@linux.ie
Subject: Re: [ILUG] [OT] knowledge base software
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:03:03 +0000

mantis[1], though not really a knowledge base solution' is a handy thing
for this. It's also a 'task manager/issue tracking system', for also
keeping track of what needs to be done and who by. It's used a lot in

I'd recommend you evaluate it

[1] http://mantisbt.sourceforge.net/

From: "adam beecher" lists@spamfilter.cc
To: ilug@linux.ie
Subject: RE: [ILUG] [OT] knowledge base software
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:18:18 -0000

PerlDesk is primarily a helpdesk, but it also contains a KB element.

Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server (Zope-based)

From: David Siedband david@calteg.org
To: vox-tech@lists.lugod.org
Subject: Re: [vox-tech] simple web-based file management/sharing system?
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 14:46:18 -0800

Zope is great for this sort of thing. There are two add-ons that are
very close to what you're describing: CMF and NuxeoCPS. There some
sites out there that offer free Zope hosting for noncommercial projects,
which might be a good way to take Zope for a test-drive. I've heard it
described as a database that thinks it's a filesystem. It has nice
granular controls of user permissions and a very approachable interface.
It comes with some sample apps. Code that you can mod and splice
together to build your own projects. In my experience it's been quick
and stable and plays well with a lot of other technologies. Let me know
if you have questions I can help with.

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 09:20:01 +0000
From: Ken Guest ken@tuatha.org
To: Philip Trickett phil@techworks.ie
Subject: Re: [ILUG] Open Source Document Management
Cc: ilug@linux.ie

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 10:24, Matthew French wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a reasonably stable document management system.

There is also the simply named 'Document Manager'

which is a fork off phpAnyPortal ( http://nger.org/anyportal/ ) , and
there's phpFileFarm, http://greenhell.com/phpFileFarm, another fork off

From: Cormac McClean CMcClean@ait.ie
To: ilug@linux.ie
Subject: [ILUG] Webpage Content Management
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:46:48 +0000

Hi Barry,

I know I'm late replying to this, but this is something I'm looking at
myself so I thought it'd be worth replying.

The following URL has product information on 50+ LMSs:
many of which are Free/Open Source and will run on linux.

I've been looking at 2 in particular:
moodle - http://www.moodle.org
which is php-based, and is excellent
FLE - http://fle3.uiah.fi/
which is Python/Zope-based, and less reliable than I
would have expected.

Hope this helps.


Red Hat CMS (formerly ArsDigita Community System), written in J2EE
Can use Lucerne search engine, or Oracle Intermedia.
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a base operating system
* Red Hat Stronghold providing Apache web server and Tomcat Java
servlet engine
* PostgreSQL open source database (or Oracle)
* Java component technology from the Jakarta project
* Red Hat Web Application Framework

OpenACS, http://openacs.org/
(Open Architecture Community System) is an advanced toolkit for building
scalable, community-oriented web applications. If you're thinking of
building an enterprise-level web application, OpenACS is a solid, proven
foundation that will give you a 3-6 month headstart.

OpenACS relies on AOLserver, a web/application server, Oracle, the
industry standard relational database, or PostgreSQL, a true
ACID-compliant RDBMS. AOLserver and PostgreSQL are both available for
free under open-source licenses. (read more)

The OpenACS toolkit is based on the ArsDigita Community System.
ArsDigita kindly GPL'd their work, making all of this possible.