Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 10:27:31 +1000
From: Mac Calder (
To: LUV (
Subject: Re: burning CDs...

Colin Charles wrote:
> Hi all,
> Faced with an interesting problem today. My box that has a CD Recorder
> is now running Fedora Test Core 2 (new Red Hat), and a friend wanted to
> burn a bunch of MP3s to an audio CD.
> My friend fiddled with gtoaster (the RH default), and it's not user
> friendly at all. Friend wasn't impressed as his Nero gets things done
> so easily! (on Windows).
> It's ok. I combined mpg321 and cdrecord via the command-line and got it
> working. But its not a pretty solution, even though I've been doing it
> regularly for quite a while...
> Is there a *nice* GUI CD Recording tool out there, that can compete with
> the likes of Nero?

Here is a feature table I have from the August Linux Format magazine.

  Arson CDBakeOven K3b SimpleCDR-X webCDWriter XCdRoast
Version 0.97 2.0beta2 0.9pre1 1.3pre2 2.51 0.98alpha4
Platform KDE2/3 KDE3.1 KDE 3.1 GTK+ 1.2 Java/Swing GTK+ 1.2
El Torrito yes yes yes no yes yes
HSF no yes no no yes no
Multi-session no yes yes yes yes yes
Mixed Mode no no yes no yes no
CD-Text no write write no no yes
ID3 yes yes N/A MP3 N/A N/A
Audio Norm. yes no yes yes no no
VCD Write yes no yes no no no

GUI Notes;
X-CD-Roast: not very intuitive (7/10 for ease of use)
Arson: Drag and drop (7/10 for ease of use)
CD Bake Oven: Plugs into Konqueror, Drag and Drop (7/10 for ease of use)
K3b: Much like nero, smooth GUI, (9/10 for ease of use)
SimpleCDR-X: Shocking! (5/10 for ease of use)
WebCDwriter: Web-based - different (8/10 for ease of use)

I have personally used K3b and loved it....
I have played with some of the others, some are good, some not so good.

Mac Calder
> Thanks.
> P/S: Nautilus with its pop-up burning dialog thing is impressive. Very
> WinXP-ish, that my friend was impressed too =)
> Me, cdrecord from a console is the best thing since sliced bread -
> quick, effective, and just "convenient"
ECLiPt Roaster is a GNOME frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs.
gcombust is a GTK+ graphical front-end for mkisofs, mkhybrid, cdda2wav, cdrecord, and cdlabelgen.
GnomeBaker is a GNOME front-end to cdrtools (cdrecord, readcd, cdda2wav and mkisofs) or cdrkit. Requires gstreamer for audio processing, libgnomeui, gtk2, libglade. So far, supports these features:

Code is C. GNU GPL.
Graveman is a gtk2 front-end for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, sox, flac, dvd+rw-format, dvd+rw-tools and cdrdao. Requires gtk2. Features:

Code is C. GNU GPL.
Brasero is a gtk2 front-end for cdrtools or cdkit. Requires gtk2, gnome-vfs, nautilus-cd-burner, gstreamer, GNOME Hal, libxml2, growisofs. Features:

Data CD/DVD:

Audio CD:

CD/DVD copy:


Code is C. GNU GPL.

See also:, as the space of CDR- and DVD-related utilities on Linux is increasingly merging.