From rick Wed Nov 5 23:25:57 2003
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 23:25:57 -0800
Subject: 2-cent tip: vi and emacs modes in AbiWord

Recent versions of the likeable open-source word processor AbiWord have
included a delightful little "Easter egg": partial support for vi and
emacs keybindings.

To enable these features, edit your ~/.AbiSuite/AbiWord.Profile file's
AbiPreferences section, adding these stanzas:




The Select stanza's "scheme=" line is where you specify what scheme, if
any, you wish to use instead of AbiWord's built-in one. I've specified
vi-mode, above. If you're one of those nefarious emacs people, make the
obvious substitution.

The vi command subset supported so far is useful if limited: E.g.,
there's no "." (repeat last command) command, no "~" (change case), and
no "B" & "W" (move one word, counting punctuation as part of the word).

Information on these emulation modes has floated around user group
mailing lists, and there's an apparently slightly outdated tip about
them in the AbiWord FAQ. AbiWord's developers aren't promising to
maintain the support code (and nobody's currently assigned to the task),
but they might be encouraged by bug reports filed at .

From: Henry House
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 12:44:23 -0700
Subject: [vox-tech] how to setup abiword to use vi-like keybindings (was: sick idea: openoffice macros)

keywords: vi, abiword, keybindings, word processing

På lördag, 25 oktober 2003, skrev
> > Did you know that Abiword has a vi mode? It is undocumented but does
> > work, more or less. If there is interest, I will post instructions.
> heh. sure i'm interested. might even make me switch over from open
> office. go ahead and post it!

Okay, here it is.

1. If you have run Abiword at least once, you will have a file called
~/.AbiSuite/AbiWord.Profile. Open it in an editor.

2. Add the following two tags inside the


That should do the trick. I am using Abiword 1.0; the feature more or
less works though visual mode seems to be absent. If you have time, file
bugs at about problems with vi mode. The feature is
being maintained, judging by the responses to bugs already filed.