Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 15:52:00 -0700
From: Michael Perry
Subject: Notes regarding Printing and SO 5.1

After a few tries, we finally were able to get printing working on StarOffice 5.1 Deluxe Version on cd. We always have done the installs using the /net switch which assumes that different users will complete the installation for themselves. We used a default install location of /opt/Office51 and then installed the various program files for each user on a system which requires StarOffice by moving to that user and entering /opt/Office51/bin and running "./setup". This creates a user profile for each user. A few things need to be done after the installation. The file /opt/Office51/xp3/Xpdefaults has to have permissions changed to allow write access by the group and others. After this change is made, use the printer setup dialog and enable a HP IV Postscript Printer Driver instead of the default pass through printer. Of course, one has to have a valid /etc/printcap file at first to get things working.

I hope this helps others installing SO 5.1 Deluxe. We verified that the same approach works on individual installation in a user's home directory also. One then merely changes the Printer Driver to a HP IV Postscript printer and all is fine.

Thanks to Dave Mandala and Gaylen Brown for their tips on getting this working!! Thanks to Ned Bass for graciously allowing us to test the various configurations on his system.

Best wishes, Help!!