2011 note: As a result of a fork, OpenOffice.org has now, in effect, become 'LibreOffice', developed by the Document Foundation.

From: pfalcone@free.net.ph
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Subject: [plug] OpenOffice 1.0 fix
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 19:34:21 +0800

Re: OpenOffice 1.0 file sharing "bug"

OpenOffice has file locking disabled by default. Thus, for systems that share documents, a race condition re: file sharing is possible (e.g.. 2 users opening and editing the same file at the same time).

The fix: edit the openoffice startup file (the soffice script) and enable the following lines


ensure that you have a lockd daemon running on your system (though it would still prompt a dialog box with a "General Input/output error" as OO doesn't hold a permanent lock on the file.)

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