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Notice how LibreOffice (called at the time of this article, which, along with the rest of this page, has been updated to reflect the 2010 fork) does not include a database. This is because Sun have licensed code from Adabas for the database in StarOffice, and this code couldn't be used for LibreOffice. There is a solution: you can link LibreOffice to any ODBC compliant database (e.g. MySQL), and it will be used as the back-end for an MS Access-like database GUI. Instructions for the GNU/Linux version of LibreOffice can be found at

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 00:17:49 +1100
From: Mark Williamson
Subject: Looking for LibreOffice Stuff (for a Linux club night at Frankston)
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Hi Everyone,

I run a small Linux LUG called ICE Linux users group, which we meet at Frankston on the second Friday of each month, (this month will be 14/02) as we are a small group with about 10 to 15 people turning up for meetings on the night. The next club night we are looking into database work with LibreOffice/StarOffice.I will be the one doing the presentation, so far, I have found quite a number of documents, and URLs to help to prepare for the club night.. now I am looking for more or sample databases or forms that I can use to see what it can do (or to learn myself).. if anyone can help?

O.K. this is what I have found so far..
A great tutorial that got me started, and one that can anyone started and interested in the hidden database treasure in LibreOffice/StarOffice. The Next Links are to deal with connecting to SQL databases..
(thanks Rick)

Some other links that are interesting for LibreOffice as a whole, but don't help much with the database stuff... Now there is heaps of examples on this site but not database stuff..

So far I have managed to get the Flatdata base stuff happening, twigged and had combo box and dropdown lists on the forms etc.. Have manged to do a form letter(or a mail merge with the data) Next I will experiment with mySQL with LibreOffice.

O.K. is there anyone on this list that has done anything with the LibreOffice database, may be made a nice frontend with its forms, or used its Starbasic? Know if any of the databases actually used out there, in real life?