Backup Software for Linux

Rob Kolstad, CEO of BSDi, told a story at the 1996 Australian Unix User Group national conference:

A BSD OS customer had telephoned up.

(customer:) "My hard disc has just crashed, and I need to get the data off it."
"What does it say on page 4 of the manual?"
(reading) "If you do not have a good backup, you will be sorry."
"Do you have a backup?"
"Are you sorry?"
"There you are, then. Works as advertised!"

Linux backup software options can be broken into four categories:

  1. Non-tape options, all sorts. Not otherwise addressed here.

  2. Homebrewed script setups front-ending tar, cpio, afio, dump/restore.

    Suggest digging through .

  3. Proprietary packages:

    • Arkeia (Arkeia Corporation, formerly Knox Software)
    • BackupEdge (Microlite Corporation)
    • Backup Exec Linux Agent (Veritas Software)
    • Backup Express (Syncsort)
    • Backup Professional (Unitrends Software Corporation)
    • BrightStore, formerly ArcserveIT (Computer Associates)
    • BRU (TOLIS Group,, took over rights to BRU from defunct EST=Enhanced Software Technologies, See also: XBRU, BRU-Pro, QuickStart, BRU 2000, BRU Personal Edition)
    • CommVault Galaxy (CommVault Systems)
    • CTAR / CTAR:NET (Unitrends Software Corporation)
    • EaseBackup Professional (KieSoft)
    • Lone-tar & Backup Professional (Lone Star Software / Cactus International)
    • NetVault (BakBone Software, Ltd., formerly NetVault, Ltd.)
    • Networker (Legato. Look around for the "unsupported Linux client" directory. Server requires Sun Solaris/etc. or MS-Windows NT.)
    • NovaNET (NovaStor Corporation)
    • Omniback II client for Linux (part of HP OpenView for HP/UX)
    • PC Parachute (Unitrends Software Corporation)
    • PerfectBackup+ (Merlin Software Technologies, Inc.)
    • SAMS:Alexandria (Computer Associates)
    • TapeWare Universal (Yosemite Software)
    • Time Navigator (Atempo, formerly Quadratec Software)
    • Uniback (Orbit Software)

  4. Open-source packages

    Mirrored at (exceptions: amanda, kbackup, mondo, taper, GNU tar — removed on account of excess bandwidth draw):

    Good informational pages: was: Karsten M Self's
    Linux Backup FAQ taxonomy of tape drives/media fallacies and pitfalls of backup